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What to expect after bunion surgery?

Asked by cyclone1416 (7points) January 5th, 2013

I am having bunion surgery this coming tuesday and I was wondering what to expect afterwards. Any details would be great! for ex. Do I get a hard cast after? Can I walk on it right away? Do I get crutches? How bad will it hurt? Anything you can tell me would be awesome! thank you so muchh (:

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Surely your doctor or his staff has prepared you for the post-op and recovery?

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I’m pretty sure you can request a numbing shot to the foot. That would help the immediate surgery. :)

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I’m surprised that your doctor hasn’t told you what’s going to happen.

I can only relay my experience, so take it for what it’s worth. I had crutches, my foot was wrapped in gauze and tape. No cast, no boot, but a foam “shoe” thing that was held on with velcro. I was mobile with the crutches and later with a cane. I couldn’t put pressure on it for the first day or so. I had a pin that was removed later, unlike some surgeries where a screw is placed and left in. When I had any pain, ice and vicodin were my friends. After the first week, I was able to control any pain with ice and ibuprofen. At that point the only pain was from overdoing it with walking around.

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