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What does this very short sample of music remind you of?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12647points) January 5th, 2013

There is a very small sample of music that has been stuck in my head all week. I took the music and wrote it down in Finale, from which I produced this audio sample.

Although I don’t think that the music sample is from any particular piece of music, I think that the style of music sounds familiar.

So, what does this piece of music remind you of?
What style of music is it? I honestly have no clue.
Do you know of anything that sounds similar (maybe too similar)?

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Sounds like something I’d hear in a church.

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It reminds me of the movie Ratatouille.

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So do you think it’s a melody you’ve heard somewhere at some time, and you’re trying to identify it? If so, do you think the piece is for organ only?

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It’s lovely, and thanks, now it’s stuck in MY head. Makes me think of movie soundtrack music—in church or perhaps a cemetary.

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I let it simmer a while and in my head I started hearing the Duck from Peter and the Wolf

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A small ruined church/temple in a well lit forest inhabited by elves.

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Some kind of French café music from a black and white film of the 30s, perhaps.

Otherwise, I’m looking around for elves. That, or @gailcalled‘s mother in the movie.

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Sounds European to me—possibly French. Your voicing seemed to change, like starting with clarinet and then with the chords at the end, it sounded like an accordian. So I can see where @WillWorkForChocolate got Ratatouille from. But it was a bit sad, so it also reminded me the back streets of Paris after midnight and a rain. Like Midnight in Paris or that movie about the clockwork man—was it Hugo? Won a bunch of awards, I think.

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Are you intending us to focus on the melody and not whatever instrumentation you happened to choose for it, or is the fact that you gave it an organ voicing important?

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The voicing is really not that important. The more important things would be the melody, chords, and the rhythm.

For the voicing, I picked a synthesized clarinet.

One thing that I should say is that this music is in an 11/8 time signature, which is uncommon.

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Don’t know why, but “Phantom of the Opera” comes to mind.

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@gailcalled Yeah, that’s it!

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It reminds me of old-timey Italian mob music.

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@gailcalled Can you point me to the specific part of that video that sounds similar?

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Wikipedia has a List of Musical Works with Unusual Time Signatures
and even has a 2nd Archive

A web search turned up a few other sites with lists, too. Perhaps they could help?

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A dying bagpipe?

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