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When is the iPhone announcement today?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) June 9th, 2008

Will someone post news here as soon it hits?

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if someone posts news here, they will be removed by moderators because: there is no question here. LOL you’ll have to look for news anywhere else…

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Go to to catch play-by-play of the keynote by Steve Jobs (WWDC) at 10am PDT.

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I have it remembered by heart.

10am PST

For me its 1pm EST

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there is a keynote at 10:00 AM.

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10 am pacific time

and actually sndfreq the url is for the updates, of course if you go to the link you provided there is a link to the url i gave

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10:00 PDT = 17:00 GMT

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What about the update? That will be released today, right?

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it should be, unless they are not done with it. theoretically if they are done and they announce it, it should hit the net an hour after the keynote, which is usually what happens

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@Astrochuck, don’t know what went wrong with your math but it’s 17:57 here and the fun is about to start ; )

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GMT, Edinburgh UK.

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The UK is now on Daylight Savings Time, not GMT.

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Beg your pardon, sir!

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