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Is hackysack a ball game?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) January 6th, 2013

Name a ball game. Then provide a fake definition of that game. Or switch definitions with another ball game. Or make up a kind of ball game that doesn’t exist.

Points will be scored for all votes given for your game. Extra points if you convince people that a bogus game is really a real game. Still more points for taking a real game and making no one believe it is a real game.

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Synchronised Sumo, where obese men try to push each other out of a ring whilst dancing & wearing a fake grin playing across their chubby lips.
Only considered a ball game if you grab below the belt, those nappies/diapers go right up the crack!!

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King Kong
It is similar to table tennis, only played with a 14 inch sized ball.

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Football. Where two guys take turns kicking each other in the balls, and the one who gives up first loses. They have tournaments of this, called the ’‘Superball’’.

Some teams include the Ballmoar Ravings, The Blue Ball Packers, The Jackoffville Juggers, The Balladelphia Penals and The Buffalo Balls.

Bowling; You have to slide cereal and soup bowls on a smooth, wooden surface. The object is to get the bowl as far as possible, and then your opponent has to throw cereal or soup in the bowl. You get points if your opponent doesn’t succeed. You take turns doing this, and the loser gets kicked in the balls.

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The game is called ‘Basse’ and it is played with ball made up out of strips of bicycle inner tube. It is a bit like hackysack, but cooler, because it is played in Norway, sometimes in the snow and ice with skiboots on.

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Handball – A hand on either ball and the first guy to giggle loses.

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Soccer is a juggling game where you see how many balls you can keep in the air while punching a woman in the face. Sock her. Get it?

And hackysack is not a ball game, in my opinion. A ball must bounce. A hackysack won’t bounce.

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