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WHY do American football announcers DO that?

Asked by Crashsequence2012 (2070points) January 6th, 2013

Dad’s watching football again.

The announcers and analysts are shouting and gesticulating.

Why must they speak like were all stupid and deaf.

Can’t they take a lesson from cricket or golf?

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The thing I find hilarious is before & during breaks in the game when they ask each other questions, but they’re staring right down the camera & they sit way too close to each other as well.

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An appropriate approach for the average IPCASM fan.

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Yeah, why can’t it be more reserved and less brutish like soccer

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GA @filmfann

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I’m assuming your dad is watching the Ravens/Colts game right now, right? I’m watching and I hear no shouting and see no gesticulating. They raise their voice when the crowd gets loud so we can hear them, but they aren’t yelling.

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@jonsblond Actually Dad is.

I wasn’t speaking about this game in particular tho.

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Cricket and golf are both very uh “quiet” sports. Even when you go to live games you can’t talk or cheer. Football is a very high contact sport right? It’s very adrenaline pushing, competitive, just loud sport. The crowd is high energy and even the players talk shit and yell at each other on the field. So likewise I find it enjoyable when the announcers are high energy as well. When my family watches a sport, they yell and scream too. It’s just the sport, man. I apologize for finding cricket and golf, while very “sophisticated” and “cultured”, boring as hell. Yes yes they require skill but it’s honestly not that interesting to watch for me

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Did you ever attend a game? Have you ever experienced the excitement of a big play in football? In my opinion, most football announcers, at least for professional football, are almost too laid back.

Luck just threw an incterception. I didn’t hear a lot of excitement on hte part of the announcers.

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