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Is there a preferred race of women, and if so what is yours?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) January 6th, 2013

First, I know this is a REALLY touchy/controversial subject for many people lol. I’m asking this just in curiosity as I’ve have read on other sites on the interwebs that it does seem to be a preference. As an African American woman, it seems that we tend to be “least preferred” unless it’s by other African American men. Most people on sites such as these:

put Asians first. So my question is do you feel that overall you have a preference? It might be subconscious, but if so what is your and why?

I know personally I just wish that sometimes women of my race on average weren’t looked at so negatively…....I have noticed that even though I would consider myself attractive, I have only been approached by black men (and this one white guy lmao)

I would hope that by now we would be a culture in which all races are equally beautiful

ps: this isn’t about me, but about women of different races on average lol. I was just giving a personal example.

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Female, that’s all. I find women of all races attractive, each race has its own pluses and minuses, but overall they are all attractive.

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This is a good question. It’s a little hard for me to answer as I’m pushing 50 and have been married for 20 years. Frankly, I look less at body color and more at body shape.

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I have my own preferences, but based more on body type than race. Start looking at all the women on dating sites that are “BBW” and most of them are white.

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among humans, race has no taxonomic significance: all living humans belong to the same species (and subspecies)

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I still like the human ones.

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I have loved women of all races and all looks. Personality is key for me. Cultural background makes a difference but for me, education seems to matter most. I need highly educated women who attract me with personality and body as well. These women, I have found, come in all colors of skin.

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I think for American culture, the visual ideal would be a merge of ethnic features…
Fair-skinned women roast themselves to darken their skin, while dark-skinned women use toxic chemicals to bleach their skin, so a medium-tone seems preferred – like Latinas or southeast Asians.
Currently, long silky, lighter-colored hair is popular – like Caucasians.
Full lips are desirable – like African-Americans.
Slanted eyes and little body hair – like Asians.

I personally like to see women who don’t try so hard to fight what nature gave them, but work what they’ve got.

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@tinyfaery Ah yes, ethnicity then

Well obviously the community on Fluther here seems to bit more intelligent than most so I suppose I could only suspect most people here are more open minded lol. Still, I know many have preferences

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I wonder what people mean when they talk about a preferred race. They might mean that being of a certain race makes a person more attractive to them, or they might mean that they are attracted to more people of a certain race than they are to people of a different race.

If we are talking about the first thing, then I don’t have a preferred race. If we’re talking about the second, almost everyone will have a statistically preferred race. A lot of people think they aren’t attracted to people of one race or another, though, which causes them to rule out people they might be attracted to before making an honest evaluation. So these sorts of “preferences” can be very self-fulfilling if we let them.

@tinyfaery The question isn’t about taxonomic significance. Race is a social construction, but it still has a psychological effect on people.

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Those silly men. Don’t they realize that it’s all pink on the inside?!

Part of the equation is that we’re most comfortable with categories of people with whom we have the most in common. If we don’t have an opportunity to be exposed to personalities and characters of others, we never find out what our commonalities are, other than what we conclude visually.

Personally, show me the silhouettes of ten women, and I’ll pick the one whose posture and body shape are most appealing to me. Skin, hair, and eye color just aren’t significant to me.

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I sincerely believe all women are beautiful in their own way. Whether in other races or within their own race. The link you gave is hardly a universal sample. Say for instance you asked that it my country you would get a different answer, or in Denmark. I am sure you get my point.

Personal preference though is and should be respected.

I think people build their own cages when they read, excuse my language, shit like that link you posted.

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@Shippy Lol I will admit that the link I posted was rather low-brow but I do think it also shows level of intelligence in relation to people being more open minded about dating choices

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I like the 400m hurdles, the leg split being the deciding factor ;}

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Klingon. No wait, Crab People. lol

We talked about this a bit in my Social & Political Philosophy class in college. You have forgotten to take the ethnicity of the man into account. We made a 2×4 chart of men and women of black, white, Asian, and Latino ethnicity and then arrows showing who prefers who the most, statistically. I’m trying to google for the chart with little luck and my phone’s about to die so I’ll try again later, but for now, this has some instructive data.

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Beauty is beauty whether it is black white yellow or brown. It is not just looks it is also posture and bearing and even the sound of the voice.

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@wildpotato I read the article link you posted. It’s really sad honestly and part of it reflects what I said in the details of my question; Black women just aren’t really desired overall it seems, even by people of our own ethnicity. Pretty depressing when you’re part of that group :/

I really hope that society moves forward and will eventually stop showcasing certain races as “better” than others

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What individuals are attractive to a person is a very personal reaction. It’s all about how you grew up and interacted with people. I’ve seen people of all races that I found absolutely beautiful. The mixture of Asian and African appeals to me most, maybe with a little Caucasian thrown in. As to appreciation of looks different from ones own racial make-up, it’s getting better; but it’s still a goal to be reached. Some people will probably never get there.

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The love of my life is completely the opposite of me in terms of culture, religion, and everything else. She has this intense burning sweet spirit that overwhelms me. Screw race, I’m never judging anyone by that yardstick.

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Honestly I’ve always admired women most who look like the same race as me (pail skin, brown hair, blue or brown eyes). But when I met a 100% Chinese women (dark shin,and black hair and eyes) who I had so much in common with I married her 22 years ago and have been living happily ever after. So race is not as important as having much in common, mutual respect and achieving mature romantic love.

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I am partial to them what has vaginas.

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That’s strange news to me. I find a lot of black women very beautiful.

Sadly due to being brought up in a pretty homogeneous small town, I wasn’t exposed to a lot of different ethnicities on a regular basis until college. Since going to college I have admired people of all ethnicities. I swear I’m not just trying to be PC here. I don’t really see how race alone could be a turn-off for somebody.

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I like women. I actually like men too, and she-males so long as their personalities aren’t all wrapped up in themselves and their makeup. Like @wundayatta education and personality mean a great deal to me. And like @Rarebear, body shape matters more than skin color. I’ve been married now for 35 years, so what sort of woman to chase doesn’t really enter into my mind.

But if it makes you feel any better about being accepted, @cutiepi92, if I were suddenly single again, I’d love to hook up with an African American woman. I just love the skin color contrast. I find the natural body smell of blacks different from whites, Asians, and Latinas, and I find it very desirable. I’m sure there are tons of guys who go by the maxim drummed into them by conservative, authoritarian parents, “Stick to your own kind.” I’m just definitely not one of them.

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I think women and men from all cultures are beautiful, but I have to admit the very pale and the naturally brown skin tones are more gorgeous to me personally. Some of my guy friends say ‘yeah and she’s brown’, they love the darker skin tones.

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In general I prefer darker skin and eyes on women. I tend to find myself attracted to Latino women but I also think mixed race women can be the most attractive. I am rarely attracted to paler skin but every so often someone like Kate Walsh(actress) will come along and change my mind!

I agree with you that all races should be considered beautiful and there is definitely beauty in all races. I can think of women from all races that I personally find attractive but it’s natural for people to have personal preferences when generalising.

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