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Does anyone else f@ck&ng hate censorship...

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 6th, 2013

or do you think it’s necessary and why?

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Depends on who is doing it. If it is the Government, that is bad. In fact it is illegal.

If it is an organization with voluntary membership, quit.

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@josie Good answer. I completely agree with you. I was asking the question pertaining to the government but I didn’t (but I should’ve) specified.

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I think it is short-sighted and people always find a way around it. They just invent new euphemisms.

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I’m opposed to censorship, which I define as the systematic suppression of content on the basis of ideology or some presumed moral standard. Censorship actually prohibits publication.

Responsible publishing is not censorship. Editing is not censorship. Selectivity is not censorship. On a site like this, setting limitations and guidelines on content is not censorship. No one here can do anything whatsoever to stop you from saying anything you want to say in the world. The publishing entity does not, however, have the obligation to allow you to say it under its auspices.

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It depends what is being censored…For example I have absolutely no problem with the government censoring child porn on the internet.

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I censored my own stuff, If I don’t like it, I turn it off. No Government involvement needed.

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I agree with @Jeruba and @Lightlyseared and I can think of some others. News programs do and should censor overly graphic photos/videos. Children should not be exposed to everything.

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Censorship sucks. We need education, not censorship.

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One of the worst aspects of the dreaded “nanny state.”

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@Lightlyseared I agree to a point, but who really should ultimately decide what is and isn’t morally acceptable? That’s the problem with censorship, it is just a matter of opinion.

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