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What could cause mucous from the nose to turn permanently liquidy?

Asked by flo (10587points) January 6th, 2013

I don’t mean having a runny nose, as in you constantly have to blow your nose, but to stop having the regular thick kind of mucous. I know someone who has been complaining about it being always like slimey water, for a couple of years. It is not allergy, or cold since it is always been there for the last 2 years. What could that be the symptom of?

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Sinuses perhaps?

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@Adagio There is no ill feeling though, nothing whatsoever.

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Post nasal drip, probably IS associated with some sort of allergy, or…your brain is liquifying and slowly draining out of your skull. lol

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@Coloma There no dripping.
As well, if it were allergy, wouldn’t there be a pattern, around certain plants, cats etc. but there is no pattern.
This doesn’t correspond to her condition

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It really could be cerebrospinal fluid leak. That’s what was wrong with this woman.

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@flo You could be allergic to dust or environmental pollutants like wood smoke that you are not even aware of. We often become more sensitive to allergens as we get older. I never had allergies my whole life until I hit my early 40’s. I
After years of exposure the immune system may start to react to irritants that never bothered you before.
@zenvelo Yikes! 0-o

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I would think some sort of chronic sinusitis either caused by bacterial infection or allergy. Allergy certainly can be daily. As @Coloma pointed out things like dust can be an antagonist that is difficult to get away from. Indoor allergies in general are pretty tough, while outdoor allergies tend to change with the seasons. I guess since you say like water it is basically clear, so infection is much much less likely. If it is yellow or green then I would say try antibiotics like augmentin to knock it out. I had a friend who finally got rid of sinus problems with levoquin and she also divorced her husband. I truly believ they might have been passing it back and forth.

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Nasal polyps can also cause a chronic drip.

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By any chance do you have acid reflux?

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Has she been to an ENT?

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Thanks everyone. She never has any of the syptoms listed under nasal polyps

Mouth breathing
Nose feeling blocked (nasal obstruction)
Reduced or complete loss of sense of smell (not common with sinus infection)
Runny nose

And definitely not the ones of cerebrospinal fluid leak. Too scary for words that one. She only needs to blow her nose maybe once when she comes in from cold outdoors, that is it.

I don’t know if it is an allergy because nothing changes. Her nose doesn’t drip, in this environment or that environment. If it were allergy wouldn’t there be a difference however slight? She is thinking of going to the doctor, but definitely not to the emergency.

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@Pandora I have to find out but I don’t think so.

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Does she wake up in the morning with some dried mucous in her nose? Does she pick her nose, or feel like she needs to? If so, then I say it is a small infection.

If she has a dust allergy it could easily be constant, unless she is outside daily for hours.

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