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What kind of drunk are you?

Asked by Allie (17526points) June 9th, 2008

I picked up a friend from the bar about half an hour ago. He’s a boisterous, loud drunk. Actually, that might have been because he was with some frat brothers of his. I’ve been told I’m a fun, friendly, happy (and sometimes touchy-feely) drunk. And you…?

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I’m a mellow drunk. I’m real laid-back and I start to talk a lot. I get more loose, and people find it funny because I’m usually shy.

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angry, mean, loud, violent, rage-ful drunk. Used be to called, “The Hulk” whom everyone stayed away from.

Hence, why I’ve stopped!

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Mine changes depending on:
A) Who is around
B) What I’m drinking
C) Location

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i’ve never been drunk, but my initial guess (judging by sugar rushes etc.) is that i get very talky, and start to think of myself as a cool person…

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A pretty darn funny one, so I’ve been told… I can’t say that it’s true, because I don’t remember it!

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Weepy, I’m a weepy drunk.

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I’m usually a quiet, shy, calm person and don’t talk much, but when I’m drunk I’m alot more talkative, sometimes I yell too. I’m not violent or anything, but I’ll do crazy stuff and run around and stuff. Trampolines are alot of fun when ur drunk :) so is fucking around in public. Me and my friends went to walmart once and we all bought pillows for like five bucks each, then laid in front of the store for 5 mins until someone walked out and looked at us then walked away so we thought we better get out of there lol

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Probably obnoxious

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amanda bowery says shes a slutty drunk

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I call myself Jovial Man. And I have a theme song. But I can never remember it afterwards. And I seem to have more fun at the time than those around me. Is that bad?

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A smelly one!!

But also a super chatty and jolly drunk, as long as I’m able to speak (and sing). Beyond that I become some weird comical nonsensical mime.

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Never been drunk and I don’t ever want to be drunk :)

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I’m a quiet little blue drunk.

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Sober I’m really shy.. but when I’m drunk I start being a little more social and a little more spontaneous.. not too much though

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Mentally retarded. I also get a lot more talkative, but i just say stupid shit, usually funny, but really stupid.

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A happy one I laugh a lot

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I don’t get drunk often, but when I do I am very silly and boisterous.

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I’ve been told I am happier n fare better in joke telling. Also I seem not to be too obnoxious with girls, perhaps more respectful, but definitely more social.

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@bassist_king1 – whaha, that sounds like me sober :P

I’d like to be drunk, but I don’t like the taste of alcohol so I guess I’ll never be drunk… :)

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@vincentt thats why they make mixed drinks duh =P Theres so many highly alcoholic drinks out there that you can just take down without even knowing theres anything in it.

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Hey, let’s get @Vincentt drunk: recommend what you think would be a tasty, alcoholic bev for a first-timer.

I’ll start: Long Island Iced Tea.

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well, like vince, i also don’t like the taste of alchohol, must be a dutch nerd thing…although, during the EK, im a german

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X-Rated is good. Not many of my guy friends drink it though, I guess because it’s pink and kind of girly.

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Don’t know if this drink has a name, but it’s frightfully yummy:
1 shot Pisang Ambon
1 shot Vodka
A dash of Orange Juice

And you’ll end up with something like this – of course it is so yummylicious that you might not be able to drink that many of them – in which case, make it 2–3 shots of Vodka.

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@uberbatman – I managed to gulp away a glass of champagne the other day, and it cost a lot of effort. I believe there’s not much alcohol in that, is there? (Yep, I’m a total noob on the alcohol front)

@iwamoto – ew… And too bad, because the victory yesterday was fenomenal :)

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Have you ever tried alcopops they usually just taste like soda or some kind of fruit drink.

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Haha, I don’t like soda either :P
(Yep, I drink milk (!) most of the time…)

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WTF is wrong with you lol. How about eggnog?

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@uber, nice play with the eggnog… I hit a wall trying to combine alcohol with milk.

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Never had eggnog :)
(And I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but if that’s the worst that’s wrong with me I suppose I’m lucky, right? :)

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Kahlua & Milk works too.

Actually, I once went to a Grease-theme party and they served alcoholic milkshakes:
Vanilla and Salmari (which you have to like if you’re Dutch!)
Strawberry and Vodka
Chocolate and Bailey’s
They were delicious!!!

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You could also throw Big Lebowski party and drink white russians ^_^

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now… back to the drunk talk.
I definitely think I’m a fun person to get drunk with. voted best party goer in high school, yes. Constantly trying to get everyone together and getting along. always like to try and get good conversation started and saying something to get your mind going and tempt societys boundaries.etc.etc. whether for a laugh or just as an idea.
but then when you all go to bed I continue to drink what you left in your fridges.
But don’t worry, I’ll replace it in the morning.

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@ Vincent Try a Bahama Mama. That’s a juicy drink with rum. I love those, and you can hardly taste the rum.

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Ohh Myyy…. Do I remember getting
&?(@faced with that drink! I believe we made it with 151, pineapple juice, coconut juice, not sure what else is involved in the making of it, I agree they are YUMMY….
@Scamp, am I missing anything

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@sccrowell That sounds right to me! But I have to admit I have never made one myself. I get them at Applebees, and they make them really tasty!!

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I’m a sly, confusing drunk. I act almost exactly the same as I do sober, only I like to fuck with people’s heads and wait for the reaction.

p.s. I don’t really enjoy getting or being “drunk” but I do like to drink. Hangovers = not fun.

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Now that I am older and more mature I am a more mellow drunk. When I was a partying maniac girl of my 20’s and 30’s I would get somewhat mouthy and be very opinionated and very blue. I am still very opinionated when I drink but in a much nicer way and not quite so blue. I have learned that if I feel like getting drunk, it is wiser to stay home and get loaded. Otherwise, when I am out socially I drink in moderation or not at all. Seems to leave a much better impression with people. Happy howling!

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Allie! You sound like me when I’m drunk. We should chill.

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asmonet, my friends and I are quite a bunch. We’re all the same kind of drunks which is good cause then no one gets pissed off. You are more than welcome to get wasted with us. Prepare to be teased a bit and be able to laugh at yourself.

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@Allie: That’s almost word for word my warning for newcomers.

Itw as meant to be.

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My friends tell me that I’m a pretty stereotypical drunk. I slur, I talk loudly and repeat things, I get a leeeeeetle bit slutty, drunk dial people, become an I-love-you slut. I also compleeeeeetly forget what I do and or say.

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If anybody’s wondering how I’m my drinking problem (but differently :P) is progressing: I’ve had three beers last week.

Admittedly, it tasted disgusting, but at least I managed to drink the whole glasses/bottle ;-)

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