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Is he into me ?? or he playing games?

Asked by jolly_2013 (5points) January 6th, 2013

so i met this guy at work he was a customer and once we looked at each other we couldn’t stop, long story short we went out before 2 days of new year Eve, yes I know its dumm or maybe not I slept with him , he had already told me he don’t live in the same city as me , so somehow I told myself i might not see him again but I risk it cuz i really liked him, then we said goodbyes and see ya , on new year Eve i called him to say happy new year it might be dum but i did and it went right way to his voice mail the it didnt not even ring just straight to voice mail. so I left him a message , I though he will contact me but days pass i got to the point that I give up then to be exact 6days later he contact me saying ” hey you hows things? I missed your new year pxt ;) iv been waiting your tx ” to be clear I did not reply right away i waited for 10hrs to get back to him and we kept txin till late night and the next day nothing been 2dyas since he last tx!! is he into me ? or he is playing game ? is he waiting me to contact him ? I like him but I don’t like this date games silly things ! pls anyone who can help me to figure out what going on here , thank you and sorry for the long writing and my English

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He’s not playing games. He is not into you. You had a classic, textbook, one-night stand. If you maintain contact with him it is only so you are available for sex the next time he is in town.

So, if you want to get laid when he is around, make sure he has your info. Otherwise, leave him alone.

And Welcome to Fluther.

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No one can tell if he is into you. Only he knows that. He is the one you should be talking to.

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I hate tea leaf reading and other prognostication games (that means games of telling the future). I’m with @burntbonez. Your dude is the only one who knows for sure. You’re trying to tell from when he returned your call, what that means. Well he returned your call. That’s a good sign as far as I can tell.

But mostly, I think you should go with what you want. You like this guy, so keep trying to contact him. If a couple of weeks go by and he never gets back to you, then I’d say to leave it alone. But you never know what it happening in someone else’s life. And there are a lot of people who have sex on the first date and then end up in more serious relationships. There are also a lot who don’t. The same is true for those who don’t sleep together on the first date. It’s not dumb and it’s not smart.

Good luck, and welcome to fluther.

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Hard to say. From what I understand, he does want to communicate only when he feels like it and then he says something relatively nice. Careful.

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