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Once and for all - is it lurve larve larvae larva or vulva?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 6th, 2013

I get so confused.

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All of the above if you are declining a noun in the Latin feminine. (Don’t forget lurvam and lurvarum.)

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A noun once asked me out but I said no.

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I’m an adverb. May I have the pleasure of this dance?

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Sorry, no (insert subordinating conjunction here).

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It’s vulva. Are you nuts? Vulva, of course!

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What rhymes with Mulva?

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Damn it man, you KNOW this.

At first it’s small…small, burrowing larvae, which you barely notice. It begins by hatching…it feeds…it grows…the larvae is like a zombie invasion…I was trying to make a metaphor…but I got lost in my ellipses…LIKE LARVAE LOST UNTO AWESOMENESS.

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The vulvarine is licking it’s lips in anticipation…an x-men rated scene if ever there was.

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It’s vagina dentata (hilarious movie, btw).

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@syz I had to be really drunk to get through that movie…it was just so…bad lol

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@uberbatman I watched it with a group of tipsy, rowdy women – I highly recommend watching it under those conditions!

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It’s now VULGA/R!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I still love evrul. Who remembers that?

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tseb ad ouY

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My heart belongs to dada.

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Yes, But you left out UVULA.

UVULA and VULVA are very interchangeable in some regards.

The clitoris (or the G-spot) of your mouth. But the feeling it gives if you touch it is like hell. Stimulating it with your fingers will cause you to cu..uh, I mean vomit.

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Redrum. R E D R U M !!

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I’d give you a GQ for this, but I maxxed on your vulva long ago.

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LOL. Thanks – but it’s officially called Halva

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LOL the article said ’‘nutt butter’’.

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Virginia – Vaginia

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I needed this today.

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