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If you had a harem, how would you manage it?

Asked by wundayatta (58604points) January 6th, 2013

You have twenty men or women (whatever you prefer… or both) in your harem. How do you manage them? Do you have a favorite that you see all the time? Do you see a different one each night?

You are the monarch, and you have political responsibilities, too, and one of them is maintaining appearances. You must appear to be regal.

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Oh, lord. Dra-ma. I don’t know, really. It doesn’t sound like me.

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I’d give all but one the boot. My favorite gets to stay.

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two at once is too much for me handle D:

I too easily get emotionally attached to the things that make me happy, to treat them as mere possessions

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I’d keep them all cross tied and hobbled, wearing thongs in my barn and work them extra hard to build more muscle. They would be required to work sporting 40 lb. stock saddles on their backs and duel pitchforks. The fittest would become part of the stable, the others would be put out to pasture.
One very special pony boy would be allowed to sleep indoors on a mat next to the stove and close to the fridge so breakfast wouldn’t be late. lol

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@Coloma hahah I like the sound of that!

some considerable motivation to get into good shape =}

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to be honest, I’d probably have most fun dressing up the girls in beautiful dresses…

undressing is fun too though!

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@The_Idler Well ya gotta work those studs for maximum endurance. lol

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I do have a harem.
I also have a Eunuch to gaurd them when I’m away.

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ps: Amanda Seyfried and Jim Sturgess are my favorites.

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@AshLeigh Did you castrate him yourself or did someone else neuter him? lol

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I bought him that way.
GI Joes, you know.

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@AshLeigh So you like gelded soldier dolls ey?

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Like a round of golf, 18 holes a day & if my balls are out of control yell phwoarrhh!!

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I’d ask 19 single men to join me, then set up a speed dating table.

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I’d have them prancing about trying to entice me.

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