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Do you go to your GP/Internist once a year for a check up?

Asked by JLeslie (54496points) January 6th, 2013

This question is for both men and women.

I never do. I would guess a lot of women rely on their GYN for their yearly check up. But, of course GYN’s aren’t necessarily listening to your heart, or testing your cholesterol. Depends on the GYN. As far as cholesterol, my endocrinologist follows that. As far as my heart I go to a cardiologist, but haven’t in 5 years, so I probably should go again. I am thinking of going once a year now that I am in my mid 40’s, although probably a GP could follow me for that.

I go to my GP if I am sick with a sinus infection that needs antibiotics (I never go if I believe it to be a cold or flu) and I did follow up with my GP after a bad accident that I had been hospitalized for.

If you do go every year what has been the benefit? Has your GP ever found anything you did not expect? Do you have anything chronic that your GP follows rather than a specialist? How often (percentage) do you go to your GP and wind up needing to see a specialist?

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No. I went in for a sinus infection and an antibiotic in Nov.
Last year it was in Dec.
Otherwise no, I really am just hoping to be one of those people that doesn’t feel well for a few weeks, goes to the doctor and is told I have 3 weeks to live. haha
That’s the plan.

I figure as long as I am not losing weight I am not sick. lol
Now a sudden like 20 lb. weight loss for me would be cause for concern. :-)

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Twice a year.

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I see my internist once a year and for follow-ups if necessary. My condition is usually “Everything is normal or under control.” Can’t ask for more.

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When I have insurance, I go every six months like I’m supposed to, for a check up and extensive testing (kidney disease, hypothyroid, various other problems). When I don’t have insurance, I can only afford to go once every two years.

I rarely see a specialist. I rely on my GP to follow all of my issues, and only if something changes do I have to go to a specialist. So long as everything is stable, I’d rather see my regular doc.

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Yes. And if I’m sick.

I also go to the diabetes clinic once a year to be yelled at by the nurse practitioner.

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I haven’t seen a doctor since I was discharged from the Navy in ‘81.

Before y’all blast me, I’m well aware of the necessity to get regular check-ups. I haven’t had a recent check-up and I don’t plan on getting one anytime soon.

I have no excuse.

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I lose track of how many times I see a doctor per year… But it’s about 4 or 5 at least, if I don’t get sick. I don’t think they’ve ever discovered something I wasn’t aware of myself…
Technically I go to a GP for my diabetes care. But she’s specialized in type 1 in teenagers and young adults, and she’s far better than any endocrinologist I’ve ever been to.
I’m going to a separate endo for transition related health care, and it is quite handy that he is a type 1 diabetes specialist as well as being a swell guy who treats trans people!

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Yes, I visit my medical provider regularly, including blood tests twice a year.

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No. I’ve seen a doctor about twice in the last 20 years. I figure they’d only start finding things wrong with me if I went regularly.

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We have a great system on some of our Medical Assurances whereby you score points for going for your blood pressure, cholesterol and other checkups. You also score points for pap smears and I can’t think of them all now.

But some of the other points you score are weight loss, and joining certain health systems, like Walk for Life. Some points earn you money, other points, earn you holidays and things. And still other points reduce your premium. So overall the client base is healthy or at least monitored.

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@Shippy Are there achievements to be unlocked too?

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I go every year. They are following lots of things: bp, cholesterol, weight and various minor complaints. But I heard that getting good dental care is highly correlated with good health, so that might be even more important than getting an annual checkup. My dentist said they don’t have an adequate explanation for the correlation, but one theory is it has to do with gum care and bacteria using the gums as a way to enter the circulatory system.

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I go every year. When I was 21 yrs old they found pre-cancerous cells in my ovaries that required a procedure called a Leep to get rid of.

Our insurance requires us to have annuals to receive a discounted premium.

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Odd. Insurance charges you less when you use more health care. Most people think it’s the other way around—that if we give people coverage, they’ll be going to the doctor all the time and bankrupt the system. Actually, your insurance is right. You have to urge people to go because most people would rather be anywhere other than a doctor’s office. That’s where sick people are!

I get a checkup every year. Just had one. I have a lot of chronic conditions. My grandfather died at age 63. My father is 80 and has been living on half a heart for most of a decade now. Literal half a heart, not metaphorical. Some kind of bad coordination in the way his heart beats, so only two or three chambers are doing any work. Of course, it could be a metaphor for his emotional development.

I want to live to be 100 or 120, if possible. Ironic, because there have been times lately when I was ready to die today. But that’s just my wonky brain giving me unfortunate messages about my lack of worth. Most days it doesn’t bother me that I’m worthless. So it doesn’t matter. And then I want to live forever.

So, yeah, I know the doctor far better than I want to. I take lots of pills. Not just head pills, but body pills, too. But fewer than I was taking a few years ago. And I’m actually losing a bit of weight. It’s a struggle, but even ten pounds means a lot to me. It seems like if I manage to lose more, it will have a big impact on every other one of my health problems. Even my craziness.

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I don’t see an ob/gyn. My family doctor does all my check ups. And yes, I do schedule a once a year check up.

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My eyes must be going. At first, @tranquilsea, I thought you wrote “I do schedule a once a year shack up!” LOL

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@burntbonez Yes, I see my dentist 2x a year and am very attatched to my teeth. I hope they stay attached to me for a long time to come. haha

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@burntbonez lol that would be very sad

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Tell me about it.

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