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Anyone here use deviantART? Are they clean of viruses these days?

Asked by Mariah (24813points) January 6th, 2013

I was an avid deviantART user around 2005–2007, but then I started getting viruses. It was always the same one, this fake antivirus software, but I kept getting it. Long story short, I finally pinpointed deviantART as the culprit, and I stopped going there, and I stopped having issues with viruses. I’m 100% sure it was the culprit, and it wasn’t even just from user submitted content – I once got the virus while viewing my own picture.

Well, I really want to start using it again! I’ve been pretty actively drawing and creating lately and I miss posting art and getting feedback, and deviantART is the place to do it – no other site gets such good traffic. Can anyone vouch for them nowadays?

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I have never had a problem with it.

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I can, and I use the same username there as I do here.
I only ever had problems with dodgy user content more than pop ups and such like, mostly – probably only – in the form of badly compiled Rainmeter skins and stuff. I tend to avoid that sort of thing. They’ve also stopped letting people upload certain types of file, mostly because people are using those to dole out malware/viruses. I’ve not had a problem since they’ve done that.
Maybe you should go and try it again?

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hmm I have never gotten a virus from deviantart and I have been an active user for 6 years…....weird :/

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I visit the site. I’ve never gotten any malware from it, and Norton has never complained. Web of Trust gives them high marks.

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I once did, but I purged my account once the started deleting my porn drawings.

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Although not on topic, I would advise user discretion when using something like Web Of Trust (hell I wouldn’t even give it a link because I don’t trust it at all based on my use of the add-on for a number of years) that has been known in the past to raise concerns regarding it’s accuracy in determining what is trustworthy and what is not. Some of the users of the system are just plain stupid – times that by half the total users of WOT and you have a problem with it’s accuracy.

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I’ve been using it since 2001 and I’ve never gotten a virus. Why make my favorite site the bad guy?! D:

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Guys, I wouldn’t believe it either if I were hearing it second hand – they’re so mainstream – but it happened to me!

It’s been quite a few years since I had the problems, and I’ve changed my antivirus software since then too. I may as well try!

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Any site that allows uploads of graphics in lots of formats is vulnerable to malware. PDFs would be an obvious target. As to Web of Trust, I recognize @lightsourcetrickster‘s concerns as valid, but what is the alternative? Trust nothing? If I want to visit a site and both Norton Site Adviser and WOT give it high marks, I’ll trust that my AV software will block what slipped through those cracks. I do not see how ignoring those resources and relying on seat-of-the-pants Web navigation gives you any added protection.

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What’s the alternative. A good browser for one thing.
Chrome which scans both URLs AND files online.
And there are some anti-virus programs that are pretty good at blocking nastiness online.
WOT is just an all too convenient way of dealing with it. Norton is also not the best on the market, having flagged a local business website as being dangerous – which is bloody stupid – seeing as it belonged to a florist. I trust neither of them for web security – particularly not Norton seeing as I’ve already had my paid for experience with those mugs.

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@lightsourcetrickster I know Norton isn’t the best. But it comes with my Comcast service, including all the upgrades. I could buy something else and pay constantly to upgrade it, but Comcast would still bill me to supply Norton as a “free” service even if I weren’t using it. Flagging a local business is not necessarily stupid. The Hosting Service they use can get hacked. I recently acquired a client because his online store on some Podunk hosting service got the cart hacked, and it was trying to carry out a SQL injection exploit.

I’ll look into That sounds like it has real merit. But that doesn’t mean I will abandon resources which have saved my butt on numerous occasions.

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I would not hold that against you @ETpro. Each to their own after all! :)

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Getting the viruses from deviantART wouldn’t have been so weird to me if I had thought that it was coming from the user content. It wasn’t, at least not exclusively. I got the virus while viewing my own content once. Maybe a bad ad?

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@Mariah Do you recall what virus it was? That might yield a clue as to how you got it and where it originally came from.

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A virus from a bad ad? I thought adverts were the provider of all things malware, not virus. Malware annoys the shit out of you, but viruses will mess your shit up. So was it malware, or a virus? And @ETpro asks a good question about what it was. If it was an advert I’d be surprised if anyone else didn’t bring that issue to the attention of the site maintenance team (or whatever they like to call themselves) so maybe that kind of thing may not be a problem anymore.

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Didn’t know there was a difference between viruses and malware.

It was a fake antivirus program. One of those that tells you you have viruses and you need to buy their full version to get rid of them. It also cut off my internet access. It was called something like Microsoft Antivirus 2007. Something imitating a legitimate program. I don’t remember the specifics.

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If I ever get stuff like that I’d just go to – regardless of where it came from, they usually have some pretty good guides on how to shift that sort of thing, or the forums where specific people will help you remove it. Never fails to amaze me the amount of people who get into that kind of hassle.

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@lightsourcetrickster I eventually learned how to get rid of the specific virus I was getting, but I’d definitely prefer not to expose my computer to an unsafe website if there are still problems.

I rejoined and I’m glad I did. So far so good, and it’s amazing how much feedback you get on your work. It’s nice, I missed that.

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