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What else can you dip in sunny side up eggs?

Asked by mowens (8350points) January 6th, 2013

Other than toast? I am just curious for options.

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Sausages, hotdogs and donuts. : )

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Hahaha, Anything healthy?

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Whole grain muffins; toast; bagels; bacon (bacon is not unhealthy, only in excess).

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You could start with a fork.

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Your penis bread.

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Steak, the egg whites, lobster, shrimp.

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Pancakes, french toast.

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Your toe, but then the yolk’s on you.

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Pretzels, chappathis, pitas, breadsticks, melba toast

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How could I forget, GRITS !

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Corned beef hash.

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^^Posh bird!

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I said that you can. I never touch the stuff.

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Oh I see. I had some once, taste like fish eggs…yuk!
Please let her get the irony.

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I read that as what to dip into a sunny side up special.
That is something completely different.

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Hash browns or fried potatoes.

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