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How do I tell my parents about my new boyfriend? Besides posting it on Facebook?

Asked by bitch_pleaase_69 (5points) January 7th, 2013

So, I’m 14 and my parents don’t really trust me that much anymore it honetly seems like they hate me. But everytime I get a boyfriend they get all paranoyed about him. I really like my boyfriend right now and I don’t wanna mess it up. He’s a year older than me and we get along great but i’m scared to tell my parents about him. What should I do please help?

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Wait, so you have a boyfriend now? I thought that you wanted to spend some time with this guy but couldn’t because your parents didn’t trust you…because you dated 16 year olds at the age of 12…

If you want your parents to trust you, and care about that, just tell them. Facebook is a really immature way of conveying anything that you take seriously.

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“The road to trust is paved with honest discourse” – The book of Kolinahr, 5:16

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Facebook is so yesterday.
Instagram them a photo of the two of you kissing.

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@Seek_Kolinahr‘s pearl of wisdom right there is good advice in itself. Talk to them honestly.
At worst lies will get you into all sorts of trouble, being honest may not always bring desired results or responses, but it’s certainly the right way to go about things.

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Sweetie, focus on your education rather than all that at the moment!

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I’m not a parent, but if I were, I know I’d rather find out about this (or anything else about my son or daughter) in person—not on the Internet. Call me old-fashioned.

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Just be friends first, and introduce him to your parents as a friend.

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Your question is tough.
Especially if your mother sees that you’re not old enough to have a boyfriend.

I suggest other solutions:
– Telling your parents, and disregard their comments
– Do not tell them and make your own life

Tell them that you find a guy enticing and you’d like to know him better, then see their reactions. But talk to your boyfriend also told him that your parents are somewhat severe and that both of us should wait a while before he encounters them.

Last resort : You will see your mother and then ask her for love advice.

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