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Wait....Americans, did this really happen?

Asked by lightsourcetrickster (1902points) January 7th, 2013

Seriously….this actually happened?

Have there been any real belters of stupidity like the one I’ve linked to, that you know of or have personal experience of witnessing (the latter would be so much more fun to find out about I reckon, but who knows)?

What other absolutely award winning loony behavior have you witnessed in your daily life that makes you think that humankind is on it’s way down to Stupid town? I don’t mean what you’ve seen in the news, or what you watch on TV, I mean in your neighborhood.

Does Major Moron live in your town?

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I always roll my eyes when I hear my neighbor screaming at his two big dogs to shut up. I see parents doing the same thing to their kids in grocery stores and malls.

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You didn’t form this as a question. It got by the mods but I’m flagging it until they delete it.

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If I walk past a particular bakers in my home town around lunch time you will often come across somebody with a child about 3 years old talking to their friend about how little Damson (or whatever silly name they have managed to come up with) annoys the living daylights out of them with their hyperactive behaviour in the afternoon.

They then tell their child to shut up and eat their sausage roll and drink their third coca cola of the morning completely oblivious to the fact that this is what is causing them to be hyperactive even though they give them it every single day.

I sometimes think that some people should be neutered for the sake of humanity.

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I’m also perplexed by how often I see parents yacking on cell phones who appear to be totally unaware of their kids walking beside them, like in parking lots.

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self-edit. not helpful.

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In case it wasn’t clear – I was being an anti-social ass. It was a joke. I didn’t flag this – I love it when statements get by and are left alone. It’s social anyway. GQ!

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Ah never mind check out some of South Africa’s daily way of dealing with things,

Flight instructions for our airline Kalula. Our traffic cops

and crazy things we say

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@zensky; I flagged it for the sin of the four-dot ellipse, never mind our old friend “it’s.”

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Oh my God Zensky. Not only is it the dark midget lord with multiple personalities, you’re also a troll in the making what the hell? lol.

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I resemble that remark.

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There’s this mad old bugger lives across the street from us, a few years back she was ranting & raving at the world from an upstairs window, gawd knows why.
Anyway, the wife, being a caring soul, asked if she was okay & did she need any help. Well, do you know what she did? I’m going to tell you if you stop butting in like that, she tossed a steam iron out the window narrowingly missing my beloved, once I realised she was unhurt I was creased up with laughter.

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Holy crap, and I thought I was anti-social.

BTW, I flagged @gailcalled for being obscenely anal about improper usage of it’s.

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We had a street drunk once who when he runs out of people to annoy, challenges the moon to come down and fight.

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I tried really hard to write a flaggable post. I was going to swear a blue streak and everything. I wanted to curse and insult several people for various stupid sins. Just couldn’t do it. So flag me.

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Thanks to this question, I have spent the last 5 minutes practicing salacious ways of saying “hello”.

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I often feel like that and ignore people but so far I haven’t called the cops! @Shippy – I can’t believe Nando’s is 22 bucks for a chicken dinner. I have to check the exchange rate, that sounds exorbitant. I thought Australia was expensive! And I love the SA accent, we had a friend from Rhodesia and I loved to hear him talk. But that youtube was too much for me, I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about!

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Wait! I like the ummmm…. oh yeah, four-dot ellipse.

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