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Why is it ok to give our pets drugs?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34455points) January 7th, 2013

I’m thinking specifically of catnip. Walk into almost any pet store and there is a HUGE variety of catnip laced toys and products. Why do we find it ok and natural to let our cats get totally high on catnip but tend to think its wrong for us humans to do the same?

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Because they don’t steal from our purses to go and buy some and neglect their kittens due to handing out pussy at street corners.

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I’m pretty sure most potheads don’t do that either…

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Haha….my cats are in-joying catnip stuffed toy Shrimp right now. I am finding their “Shrimpies” all over the house in concealed caches. The little nipheads. lol

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They also have a natural cut-off of not more than 15 minutes of sniffing (and rolling). Then they move on to chores, meditation (or naps).

And there are many times during the day when the catnap has no more allure than a dust bunny…useful only to collect on the cat’s tail fur.

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I support the recreational use of plants of all sorts, for all species.

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None of the cats I’ve had were given cat-nip very much. It made them hyper, of course, so we never saw the point. We bought a scratch board that had catnip in it when my current cat was a kitten. She hated it, and seemed scared of it. She refused to go near it and if we put her on it she would run away. We’ve never tried again.

Like I said, I don’t see the point. Which is pretty much how I feel about recreational drugs for humans.

And @uberbatman, I’m pretty sure @Shippy wasn’t referring to potheads. Not sure why you assumed that was the case.

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@livelaughlove21 Kittens shouldn’t be given catnip until they are at least a year old. Their brains aren’t developed enough to handle the reaction.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Strange, because it was made for kittens and recommended by the pet shelter from which we adopted her. But regardless, I still don’t see the point.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Oh, and I should mention she was 12 weeks old. Cat nip is not recommended for kittens under 8 weeks according to most websites on the subject.

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There’s never any left for the dogs/cats/rabbits/hamsters, because the bloody parrots-eat-em-all.

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@livelaughlove21 Because in the question I just mentioned drugs so I suppose I could have been more specific, but Shippy is talking about worst case scenerio of drugs when its not the case with most. Marijauna is also the most closely related to catnip of the illicit drugs.

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One time I bought my cat some toy something-or-other. It came with a bag of catnip so I gave Junior the toy and tossed the catnip on the counter and, as is so often with me, I forgot about it and went to bed.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning I was violently woken up by strange and forceful activities going on in my bed. Since I live alone and women spurn me I was very disoriented. In addition to that it felt like I was covered in cracker crumbs, which really confused me.

When I got my brain straight enough to turn on a light it turned out that I was covered in catnip, as was the bed, and old Junior was rolling around like there was no tomorrow. He had dragged the bag of catnip off the kitchen counter, into the bedroom, onto the bed, and then tore it open.

Just say no. That’s my advice.

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Sure. Lace their food with angel dust. Blow crack smoke in their nostrils. Animals deserve to have fun, too.

And it gives you an excuse to dope up, too!

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@uberbatman It was a joke! Gosh.

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@uberbatman I think you need some catnip yourself if you can’t see that Shippy was joking.

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@Shippy yea i get that , the last response was to livelaughlove21 as to why I assumed marijauna, not your joke.

Honestly wishing I put this question in General instead as Ive yet to get a good answer aside from Gails

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WHAT? It’s wrong for us to get totally high like these cats?!!! I must’ve missed the meeting that pertained to that!

P.S. That video makes me think of one of the times me and my friends did LSD at my dad’s house while he was at work. LOL

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@uberbatman Well it was in social so for what it’s worth I will give it a shot, as I thought your question was a fun question. My bad.

I am a recovering addict now, some 23 years. I also come from an addictive family, plus my son is a cocaine recovering addict. Personally I don’t think getting high for humans in bad, as long as, they do not become addicted and give up day to day activities, do not steal and lie to obtain money for drugs, nor prostitute themselves for money to get drugs.

Other than that, I see no harm at all. I have friends who do drugs for recreational purposes. They hold down good jobs, and are successful people. You know, hold down Exec positions drive the BMW all of that. I see no difference then between booze and drugs. Just sadly too many do get addicted. Plus it is a huge underground trade that results in deaths and abuse of people. So in that way I personally look at alcohol in the same dubious way I look at drugs. I feel, altered states are often a form of self medicating, or opting out of reality. But that is just my humble opinion, and past experience. Perhaps cats don’t have that issue since it is metered out to them. And they have no responsibilities in life.

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My goose was put on antidepressants when his mate of 10 years died. lol

@Shippy I agree. As long as one is paying attention and “using” something in modest moderation to enhance celebrating, not chronic self medicating or for escapism purposes, which is usually where addiction takes hold.

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@Shippy while I agree with what you said there, I still dont really think its really answering the question. I’m more curious about the people that think drugs are bad period but will still give their cats catnip. Ya know what I mean?

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I get my cats “high” all the time. Hey, it’s right there in the name.

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They don’t have any responsibilities except to make us happy so let em have it. Do they become addicted and hawk all their possessions down to nothing to chase the buzz? It’s just catnip. I have heard stories of how people blew pot smoke into their dog’s nose to stone them out. I’m not sure I agree with this. All it does is make them sleep, big whoop.

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Ha! Catnip is completely harmless! The elated response is hereditary—only about 70–80% of cats have this behavior—and the effect wears off in 5–10 minutes. Catnip is nonaddictive and has no lasting effects.

So, if Fluffy or Muffin is susceptible to catnip euphoria, why not let him/her enjoy it?

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Hey….Tuna is a drug when it comes to cats. I have seen some seriously crazy behavior when under the influence of a cracked can of Starkist. lol

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Never mind the tuna. Just the can juice will drive Milo to frenzied vocalizations. When I cannot find him, I open a can of Albacore in water and wander around the house.

There are often times when he ignores the catnip that I have sprinkled around. He picks and chooses when to get high.

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@gailcalled I only call Schrodinger by his full name when it’s time for his wet food meals. While “Dinger” gets me a look and a “pet me?” pawing, “SCHRO-ding-errr” gets that boy doing backflips and howling at the moon.

Who needs kitty drugs when we have Fancy Feast and laser pointers? It is nice to get a nap out of him sometimes, though.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Oh my, the laser pointer….amazing how they can hear the tiniest of “clicks” and come running. haha

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@Coloma my laser pointer has a little chain on it. When my cat so much as hears the chain make a sound as I pick it up he comes running like “OH HOLY SHIT LIGHT TIME!?! WHERE IS IT!?!”

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@uberbatman I know…amazing response time!

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Can any one you recommend a brand of laser? Maybe it is time to invest in one chez Milo.

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@gailcalled I picked mine up from wal-mart. It’s got a laser pointer and a normal white light LED on it. I think it cost something like 4 bucks and even came with a spare set of batteries.

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@gailcalled Mine is a laser pointer. Pen length like a miniature flashlight and it has no identifying logo. I just examined it thoroughly maybe it is a black market laser. haha

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When I need to find the cats instead of searching while they laugh at me walking past them, I aim the laser pointer out into a room and I can almost count the seconds before they pounce on it and I have them.

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The best part is, I don’t know about your cats, but ours has totally figured out that we humans are totally in control of the laser pointer, but still chases with the same amount of vigilance that he did when he thought it was some alien prey,

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