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Will my grandchildren think the clothes i wore where ridiculous ?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) June 9th, 2008

i was watching this ultimately cool vid from the 70’s(you should watch the whole thing),
yet i was thinking “geeez, why is that guitarist wearing that gruesome white…thing?” and i came to the conclusion that it must be fashion, this was around 30/40 years ago, will they be dressing as different 30/40 from now as they did then?

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I guess so… And same goes for haircuts. But I hope when “they” are dressing differently 30/40 years from now, I do too. :)

Then again, when I hear “music of the sixties” (or seventies or whatever) I always think how something like that couldn’t happen with today’s music seeing as there are so many different styles. So perhaps the same holds true for haircuts – there might be more diversity nowadays. But maybe everybody will go back to the same haircuts and music style in the future. Whatever, there’s no way to know but to wait :P

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yes. They will think you were strange. And they will be correct. LOL

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Unless your wearing a classic black dress your grand kids will at least think some of your 00’s clothing was odd. But then again you won’t care much for their muticolored hair and semi-perm green skin ether.

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Well I think that clothes from ages ago looked quite good.

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They will most likely have a fashion somehow based on the styles and fashions of today, but still say that the styles and fashions from today were simple, silly, backwards, etc.

Of course in your particular case, I’m not sure they’ll find your clothes so ridiculous….....
you know I mean that in the best possible way :P

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You know, I really don’t think what people wear these days is so ridiculous. I feel like even if I was alive in the 70s, I would have realized that some day, the flamboyant dress is going to look absurd. But aside from current silly shoes and styles that are really just seasonal and look awful the very next year, I don’t think the fashion of the 00s will be regarded as all that bad. People looked ridiculous years ago because hair straighteners and such hadn’t yet been invented, but now, I can’t imagine that the look of long, straight sleek hair will ever seem that outdated. So to answer your question, yes, to an extent, but not nearly as much as we view the ridiculousness of styles in the past.

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Depends on where they fall in the timeline – they’ll think your clothes are goofy until they come back into style again (see the current inexplicable return of 70’s styles and colors).

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ABSOLUTELY! It’s part of the differentiating that kids need to do, defining themselves by NOT looking or acting like their parents or grandparents. Heck, you don’t have to wait 30–40 years to look really odd. With fashions changing so fast, sometimes last year’s hairdo or outfit can make you look hopelessly of touch.

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They will until they are in there late teens when suddenly 90’s and early 2000’s fashion will make a comeback, then they’ll beg to raid your closet.

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Hmm i dont know because i look at old pictures of my parents and think its rediculous what they wear but then again a lot of its coming back so it might be the same way. This generations doesnt really have a style like say the 50’s and 60’s its all mixed up now a days.

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