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Is it socially acceptable to go to a concert alone?

Asked by Wine (636points) January 7th, 2013

Specifically a ballet or classical music concert. I’m 19 and have only ever attended with my family. I don’t think that any of my friends would be interested but either way I could see how it would be distracting. At the same time I don’t want to feel awkward there because I’m standing alone and whatnot. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions with this?

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Yes. I do it often and find that if I want to chat with other people, it is easy.

Standing alone is fine once you get used to it. During intermission, buy a glass of wine or water and sip it while observing the hustle and bustle around you.

As for whatnot, I can’t help with that.

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Who cares what is socially acceptable?

If you like the music (or ballet, or art, or whatever) you go – by yourself. The world has changed markedly in the last 25 years. Any person can go alone for any reason, and no one will notice.

I’m sure, that, once you are there, you will see people in the same situation is you are.

Just do it.

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Yes, lots of people go to performances alone. Opera, ballet, plays, movies, comedy clubs (although at a comedy club you might get picked on if it is evident.)

If you couldn’t go by yourself, a lot of singles would miss everything.

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Yes it is definitely fine! Go and enjoy it.

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So much better to go alone than with people not interested, trust me, my husband fell asleep during a beautiful production and it was so embarassing. Socially acceptable, absolutely.

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Everybody is saying it is acceptable, so I am desperately trying to think of a reason to disagree and I can’t. Hardly anyone will notice. And who knows, you might meet someone to talk to.

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Of course! Go anywhere you want, including traveling. Some people find some things improper, but a truly enlightened person doesn’t let being alone stop anything!

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Absolutely—as well as to movies, plays, restaurants, vacation getaways, anywhere you want to go, anything you want to do. I often take along my trusty e-reader, and I’ve long-since stopped worrying about how others may perceive me.

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Oh, yes. Do, by all means. It is much more enjoyable to go alone and then possibly make pleasant conversation with a stranger than to go with someone who isn’t really interested and doesn’t want to be there.

The program provides a natural conversation starter, and there is almost certain to be a single older man or woman who would respond to a friendly conversational overture without worrying about ambiguous intentions—and who might add significantly to your knowledge and appreciation of the performance. Sometimes you may end up talking with the surviving half of a couple who used to attend together, someone who would be only too happy for a little company at intermission.

Under those circumstances I have not only met some friendly patrons of the arts but also talked with the wife of one of the stars, the mother of one of the stars, a former international operagoer, and a composer.

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@wine this is one of those times when it pays to have gay friends.

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Absolutely! I agree with much of what has already been said. Go and do enjoy :-)

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Of course it is. You didn’t really need us to tell you, did you?

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Yes, feel free to go alone.
But why do you assume that no one you know would be interested?
What do you have to lose by asking?

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Personally, I prefer to go to any type of concert alone. Too often people want to talk when I want to listen to the music, and it’s kind of annoying (but then again, the concerts I go to are rarely classical or ballet where that would be much more socially unacceptable). I’ll admit that having people going with you is better if there is an intermission and you are fairly anti-social, but other than that, by yourself is way better.

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Yes! Why wouldn’t it be? Or why would it matter if it were not?

I have gone to very few popular music concerts by myself, because I strongly associate that with being a social thing, and also for safety reasons, but I would certainly attend a classical concert, play, or movie alone.

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No. Should you give a damn? No.

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If you are alone – what is social about it? Go to whatever you want with whomever. Movies and concerts and plays and ballets – you are facing the show and not interacting with anyone anyway. I often watch movies with my best friend – me. It’s less distracting.

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Oh for heavens sake please do go and support the act of any sort whether it be music, theatre, art exhibit. Go alone! You may or may not feel brave to talk to someone there, but why not? I’ve gone to shows on my own and I liked it. I was there for the bands and I thoroughly was enjoying the music.

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I think it would be a lovely way to meet new friends (young, old or indifferent) who appreciate the arts you appreciate.

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