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When you turned 50 what changed for you?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) January 7th, 2013

I turned 50 recently and I am not sure if it is my depression or age, but I am certainly tired more now. But then I don’t sleep much so perhaps that is why. I have strange aches and pains in my legs mostly, and want someone to pull them all the time. I mean physically not as in a joke.

I also get more irritated with people, although that too could be depression. What sorts of changes did you notice?

I also realize with a start every now and then, that from heron in I am just going to old, and older. Its a lousy thought. I am kind of battling with it. Life is short. (I have listed the negative things, there are of course positives, and if you wish to expand on those too).

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