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Would you meet a jelly face to face?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 7th, 2013

Obviously it would be with someone whom you like.

If not, is it because of the anonymity factor or something else?

Women: are you more fearful of this?

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Personally, I would not but I can see where it might be fun for the more gregarious types.

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Been there, done that.

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Not at this point. Perhaps if I ever got to know someone really well.

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I’d consider it, but I do like my anonymity.

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Sure. I like people.

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I would love to meet several jellies. I don’t know if it will be feasible, though.

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I have met only one via Skype. It was fun, and I’d like to do it again. My location is remote, so it’s a hindrance.

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I’ve done it and I’d do it again.

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I’ve met several in person, and haven’t regretted it. There are many more I’d like to meet, too!

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No, because I would lose my anonymity. That is the only way I am able to be effective on Fluther. Because I’m “Joe Everyone.” It’s not like I wouldn’t truly like to know some of you for reals, it’s just that I would not be able to continue answering on this site, the way I do, if I did.

In some ways, I feel like I know some of you better than some people that I know in real life, but if we met, I could not continue on this site.

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Yes, if there was a jelly gathering in my area, I would make an effort to attend.

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@Kardamom Interesting.

Would anyone like to explore these thoughts?

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I’d definitely meet jellies if I can—I already met 2. There are a few I’d love to meet in person! It won’t be the same as it is on Fluther, but it’ll still be fun, for me.

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@linguaphile We could meet up and stay a few feet away and communicate on fluther.

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@linguaphile & @zensky How about a bag-over-head meeting in an Internet cafe?

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@zensky, @ETpro I’m game!! As long as it’s not a plastic bag. urk.

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As long as it’s not a four-bucks.

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@linguaphile & @zensky Too many conditions. Let’s call the whole thing off.

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@ETpro Awww… come on? I was already making my paper-bag hat…

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I suggest you meet naked.

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@augustlan You’ll be there too, right?? :D

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Sure! Who’s bringing the pancakes?

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@augustlan That’s what the paper bag is for. Now where do we find a venue for a bunch of aging Jellies all meeting nude and carrying paper bags full of pancakes?

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@ETpro Your phrase needs this at the end: ”...without getting arrested!”

I’ll take the hat on the left Looks like me in the morning.

Hey… wait a minute… which one of you folks got ahead of us?

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@linguaphile Dang. How did that picture of me get out in the wild?

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I might. I might indeed.

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Sure. There’s a few jellies is like to meet. How ‘bout this breakfast joint in Somerville I’ve been meaning to try?

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I have met three and I am still alive. I would probably avoid a Reddit meet-up but the folks here are pretty cool.

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I would. It would be fun.

If Fluther were a group of locals in my area, and I had poured out my heart and innermost feelings like I do, I would not want to meet in person and risk revealing my identity. However, since it seems like there are none from my immediate area and only about 3 or 4 regulars from my state, showing that jca is me in real life would not be an issue.

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It would be cool if we could just all gather in a single spot in person and just turn up in those V for Vendetta masks just to shit the cops up.

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Oh great ! Yes

1) Nekkid Jellies
2) Pancakes
3) Brown paper bag hats

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Of course! I’d be picky though. There are several here that I’ve attempted to meet during my travels, but none has come to fruition yet.

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I’m meeting a certain penguin on Feb 3rd (touch wood) and looking forward to it!

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Yes, I’d like to meet some of my Fluther sisters.

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There’s a number of jellies I would be happy to meet! I like the fact that none of my non-internet based friends use this site so I can be as open as I like with you guys but I don’t need complete anonymity.

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There are quite literally a few, maybe as much as a handful, that i’d be more than happy to meet.
Not face to face though, i’d much prefer it if we organised a game of hide & seek then we could sneak up & frighten the shite out of each other, purely for the lulz.

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I would love to, and am planning on meeting one soon. I think most here are worth while meeting. some of course I’d slap with a wet fish

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@Shippy Watch out they don’t slap you back with a rotten, old fish!

Shippy's avatar

@wundayatta Oh my! that is so rude.

Shippy's avatar

@wundayatta… and speaking of old, do I really have to stare at your ass for days?

wundayatta's avatar

@Shippy Hah! You know you love it! You should see the animated version! Shiver.

Shippy's avatar

^^rolls my eyes… as long as wind is not involved.

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I have already met my family members who hang around here and several of the former members from the Pacific NW who were here in early days. They were all nice.

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I’m waiting to run into Gail at her local book fair :)

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I would love to party with some Jellies.
It would be kind of weird though, like internet dating without the date!

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I’d do it. I participated on a fitness site for years and met some of the people in real life through attending conventions as a group. A couple have ended up being lifelong friends on and off line.

and since I already have a pancake, I just need a paper bag, right?

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You have no idea how much I want to organize this party. It should be a huge fancy dress masquerade party, with an unmasking at midnight.

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“Come along and follow me
To the bottom of the sea
We’ll join in the Jamboree
At the Fluther Ball

Lobsters dancing in a row
Shuffle off to Buffalo
Jelly fish sway to and fro
At the Fluther Ball”

(borrowed from At The Codfish Ball” by Lew Pollack/Sidney Mitchell)

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You’re like a fucking musical, @diavolobella – you suddenly break into song and dance for no reason.

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LOL @zensky Dr. Jelly would have to make an appearance like this too:

zensky's avatar

That’s awesome.

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I would. I’ve already talked to a few on the telephone.

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No, but I’d do fist to fist.

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@Ayesha First, an Avatar.

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@zensky There you go :)

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As long as the opposing face was at a minimum of 2 feet away.

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No! Runs away screaming…...

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@shippy – hehehehe!

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Update: looks like I won’t be travelling this month. Hope to meet jellies in the future.

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Penguin-meeting day today :D

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@harple Have fun! Tell @janbb I say “hi”. :D

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Hope you have fun! Say hi to Bubby Penguin for me.

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Also greetings from me and Milo.

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Just got back – we had a lovely lunch together. A truly delightful Jelly and such easy company :)

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^^^That is really nice. Did she have raw kippers for her plat du jour?

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Ha ha, no! And her little flippers handled everything just fine!

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I’m so jealous. I’ve met the penguin (loved her), but would love to meet you, too, @harple!

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Anytime you’re over @augustlan !! (Well, anytime you’re over and accessible!! I only had to drive an hour to meet @janbb which was a real bonus!)

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