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Speaking of Downton Abbey, what did you think of Sunday's first episode of series three?

Asked by gailcalled (54456points) January 7th, 2013

I was sadly disappointed in the lines that Shirley MacLaine was given (compared to Maggie Smith) and I thought her costumes and make-up were appalling. That said, it was fun to reconnect to the old gang.

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@gailcalled I agree with you, but still managed to enjoy the episode. And it sounds like Ms MacLaine won’t be around too long. Meanwhile, we can avert our eyes when she’s on screen.

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I liked her lines, and personality. The clothes were spot on. I did NOT like the make-up and hair. I think the lines were just right for what she was, an arrogant American heiress that felt some antagonism towards the Crawleys. @Sunny2 you are right. I will not give away more——uk proxy uk proxy how I love you lalala—

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This isn’t being shown in Australia yet. I think it returns in February. Looking forward to it though.

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Is Shirley still alive then? My word, but she was gorgeous in those old movies, must be getting on a bit now.

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I’d been dreading Shirley MacLaine’s appearance, and I saw my worst fears come true.

Somehow, I just knew that Martha Levinson would be written as a nouveau riche “ugly American” with an unappealing accent, tacky clothes, and crass manners. Because the character’s Jewish, I was even more put-off by the blatant stereotyping.

I give kudos to Shirley MacLaine, though, for underplaying her scenes with Lady Violet. She hung back and let Maggie Smith do her usual camera-mugging and scenery-chewing. The approach worked; Martha Levinson gained some dignity, while the dowager’s money-grabbing ploys were painful to watch.

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I was really bummed and disappointed that Matthew and Mary were not even allowed to kiss at their own wedding. Remember they both mumbled some lines about not being sure if she would actually show up? But they never uttered a vow or kissed. Later on, you never got to see Matthew with his shirt off (a moment I’ve been waiting for!)

I thought it was a big arrogant of Lady Mary to demand/expect that her Grandma from the US would bankroll Downton Abbey. But Matthew, considering that both of his potential inheritences came from nothing of his own doing, should have accepted the possibility of his inheritence from his former/potential Father in Law, only for the fact that he would have indeed married Lavinia, had she not succummed to Spanish flu. If it would save his current family, then he should accept it, or possibly accept some of it, and donate the rest.

I would love to see Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson get married, even if it’s at the last minute : (

Mr. Bates and Anna need to have a real life together. However I am curious to why Bates agreed to the prison mate (after he was threatened) that he was indeed a murderer! Intrigue!

Daisy, as my favorite lass, needs to be a good worker and find a decent fellow. Mrs. Patmoor will surely show her the way, if she will only listen. Ah, to be the head cook’s assistant! I’m swooning : P

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You should write to the producers @Kardamom and express your disappointment at the lack of ‘Matthew’ nakedness in the strongest terms. I think, given this was their wedding night (I am presuming this since I haven’t yet seen the episode) you could expect a little more titillation. You could perhaps suggest some downstairs action for Carson and Mrs Hughes amongst other things.

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@Kardamom “I am curious to why Bates agreed to the prison mate (after he was threatened) that he was indeed a murderer! Intrigue!”

Most likely, for intimidation. Bates’s cellmate is a nasty person, so Bates had to show fearlessness and play the “I’m more dangerous than you’ll ever be” card.

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Matthew was covered up to his shoulders and a sliver of his upper body. I bet he does not work out and probably has a clause in his contract forbidding peeks at his abdomen.

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@gailcalled Yes, I kept looking at those slivers and waiting for that blanket to fall when he sat up. They should have at least let Matthew and Mary kiss at their own wedding.

I thought it was very funny when both Lord Grantham and Matthew turned up for dinner in black tie instead of white tie. Both of them felt like they were dressed as vagabonds, although to our eyes they looked like they were headed to the Oscars. LOL.

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