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Old people: when do you feel young and how long does it last?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 8th, 2013

Alter kakers.

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It’s been said that “old” is 10 years hence. Speaking strictly for this older but stubbornly not-old gent, I feel mentally pretty much the way I’ve felt since I was very young, which is to say, ageless. Physically… well… that’s another comment for another thread.

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I feel young when I’ve walked close to 20 miles in the past week. Don“t think I could have done that 30 years ago.

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My mother has Alzheimer’s disease and stays at a retirement facility. There are 10 residential floors in her building; 3 floors are assisted living (for people such as Mom); 1 floor is a skilled nursing facility (nursing home;) the remaining 6 floors are independent living.

But, no matter where I go in that building, or who I encounter, I feel SO very young! I refuse to use the elevators; for as long as I can keep running up and down those staircases, I’ll continue to do so.

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I’d love to answer this thread, but I’m too young.

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I’m 56. Thanks to sunscreen, exercise, not smoking, and a little help from Botox, people usually guess that I’m in my early-40’s. I don’t think that I’m old, and I certainly don’t have any irrational fears about aging, but I have to admit that I always enjoy hearing that!

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@PaulSadieMartin I’m scared of botox.

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@Shippy I’m a huge wimp when it comes to needles, but Botox doesn’t hurt a bit. The injections are so superficial, they feel as if someone’s barely touching your skin with a fingernail.

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I feel mentally young, have a very curious and childlike sense of curiosity and I crack myself up all day long with my zany humor. Physically, the parts are starting to tweak, but gotta keep on laughing. Humor is tantamount to coping with everything in life. :-)
I especially love irony, like the irony of being a left handed, right brained person who’s having a left sided body breakdown.

Left thumb, left shoulder, left ankle. Shit…saw me in half, right down the middle and I’ll be all “right.”

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“Old people.” How pleasant to feel right at home with this question.
When do I feel young? Rarely. When my daughter keeps making me laugh? When I listen to fifties music on Facebook? Mostly when I’m losing weight. Certainly not when my knees make a loud cracking sound or when my back hurts when I finally decide to stand in the kitchen. Which is where I’m headed now.

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@PaulSadieMartin Its not so much the needle its the highly poisonous stuff its made of. Scary?

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@Shippy No, I can’t say that it’s ever scared me. Yes, I know that a form of botulism is being put into my skin, but the amounts are tiny and the injections are shallow. Also, Botox is being used now for all sorts of medicinal purposes; among other things, it’s an effective, lasting painkiller.

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I feel young when I am around other people my age, and I’m the youngest looking/feeling one there. The difference between levels of activity of people my age seems very wide.

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I’m not old, but I have been getting senior citizen discounts for a year at one theater, and AARP has been after me for six years.

I feel younger when my body hurts less. Lately, it hasn’t been hurting as much. I’ll let you know when it starts again. I am trying to lose weight, as you know. After all, you found my lost ten pounds. Hopefully, by the time you return it to me, I will have lost another ten. So I’ll still be able to feel younger.

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I’m feeling pretty good right now. 8:14 on the west coast, a wee bit o’ the brownie and have the hot tub fired up, ready to turbo massage my crooked old thumb. lol
Oh ‘tis a sad thing, one little part at a time. haha

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Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
Mark Twain

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@Coloma, I can’t get out of the hot tub unless a step ladder is right there. I guess this is what can happen when your muscles atrophy. Working out at a gym is very important . I see it now. I didn’t before.

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