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Ladies, do you really like guys and enjoy male company?

Asked by SadieMartinPaul (8997points) January 8th, 2013

I adore men! And, I don’t just mean physically and sexually. I just truly enjoy being in the company of men.

So often, I hear women talk about how “men are pigs” and “you should never depend on a man for anything.”

Well, here’s what I’ve observed:

—Very few men are catty or gossipy.
—Men tend to get to the point and don’t talk on and on.
—Men ask for very little from their friends yet are willing to drop everything to help people in need.
—Men need to walk what seem like impossible lines between kindness and harshness, and strength and tenderness, yet most of them seem to do so very well.
—Guys prefer sports to shopping (yay!)

I grew up with just one sibling—a younger brother, who’s always been and will always be my best friend. I love my husband more than I thought I could ever love anyone. Most of my friends are guys.

How about you, ladies?

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I love you.

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I do. I seem to get along better with men and I have more in common with them than I do with many women. I have four sisters and one brother. I get along best with my brother and the sister who is also like me.

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You and my daughter would get along great. She feels the same way.

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I prefer ANYONE of any sex that is not catty, gossipy, and has more to talk about than their humdrum daily routines. Give me LIVELY, humorous, witty, INTERESTING PEOPLE, genitals matter not.

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@Coloma Fabulous answer, Laurie!

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Almost all my friends are male and have been most of my life. Often in hs, my friend and I were the only girls the guys would let come over because we didn’t care if they talked about sex or girls or pot or whatever, we just liked their company. My husband is my best friend although we have some issues right now.

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@Coloma There is some truth to what @PaulSadieMartin is saying. During many vacations I have witnessed the group of guys going out for drinks or fishing, while the women go hit the stores. I’d rather go with the guys. If a group of girls would rather go hiking and fishing, I’d be with them in a heartbeat. good answer though :D

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@KNOWITALL Just today, I learned about your husband’s long-term illness. I’m so sorry for your and his misfortune.

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I’d rather chill with men than other women.
Most girls just don’t seem to be into the sorts of things I like and I just seem to get a long much better with men. The only women I like to hang out with are the strange nerdy types or whatever you’ll call them, they’re generally the only types of women who would accept me and they’re hard to come by..

Also I had more bad experiences with other girls throughout my childhood while the boys were more likely to defend me..

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I don’t feel like all men are that way. Some men ramble on for hours, some don’t talk much – the same with women. Of course you can point out what is most common for the majority of men compared to women, but I think two women are just as different as a woman and a man.
BUT I hate to say this, but my experiences in male friendship so far has a dark side. I’ve had guy friends who were only friends to me, but somehow they thought I was flirting with them and that we were something more. And it often happens that I can feel like I am only platonic friends with a guy and then at a party he hits on me out of nowhere and I really hate that, because then the relationship becomes awkward and I don’t want to stop being nice, just because I am afraid that a guy thinks I’m interested.
I think this is the weak point of being friends with males.

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I do. However I cant generalize and say they are not catty. Some men are more catty than women. But I wont go there. But generally yes, I love men, I love their stature, their bodies, their smell, I just adore them. I realize this answer was useless loll

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@tups You raise an interesting point. There’s one thing that girls understand but boys can’t seem to comprehend—once a guy crosses over into a lady’s “buddy zone,” there’s probably no chance of any romantic relationship. After a woman starts to think of a man as her pal and brother, she’s not likely to develop a sexual interest in him. That’s not to say that male-female friendship can’t blossom into something more, but it doesn’t seem to happen very often.

@Shippy Not useless at all! To the contrary, very charming!

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@PaulSadieMartin It’s not so much about the “buddy zone” or “friend zone”. I actually don’t believe in those “zones”. It’s more that guys often misunderstand kindness for flirting or romantic/sexual interest and if you sit beside them at a party, there comes the arm on your back or around your waist or maybe even breasts. I mean, just because someone sits beside me it doesn’t mean they want me to come on to them.

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@jonsblond I can agree with that….I am not a woman that finds shopping to be the end all and be all of my existence either. I traveled abroad a few years ago with a few female friends/aquaintences and all they wanted to do was shop. After the first few days I just started taking off to do my own thing. haha
I was more interested in the sights, the flora and fauna, picture taking, anything but shopping!

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I shop the way guy do.

Need shoes. Enter store. Find shoes. Shoes fit and look nice. Buy shoes. Go home and watch a ballgame. Life is good.

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@Coloma Don’t get me wrong, I like a good souvenir, but to spend hours and hours shopping while on vacation is a waste of time imo.

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^^^ Agreed. My friends were obsessed with finding freaking fugly Coach purses in Asia. Really? I didn’t travel all the way around the world to go fucking shopping for stupid designer crap. haha
I bought some cool things but shopping was at the bottom of my to do list.

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^^^ I could buy freaking fugly Coach purses within a mile of my house (I say “could” because I don’t wear leather.) But, I can’t see Asia from here. Like you, I’ll do my shopping at home and enjoy the full experience of visiting a new place.

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I used to hang out with mostly guys when I was younger.

I love men and I think I always will.

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I like people with their own personalities, who do not engage in bigotry, and have hobbies, interests, and something to contribute to conversation. I have had very dear friends of every gender and biological sex combination I can think of.

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I love men. Most of them.

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I like guys. I have a lot of men friends. But I like women too. I would not want to be without my women friends.

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I’m not a big fan of women so, yes, I do prefer the company of men. I also believe there’s nothing worse than working in an office full of women, which makes me glad I’m going into a predominately male-dominated field.

I have one good female friend, and no desire for more. Not only do I prefer men, but I prefer men older than I am. 23-year-old guys annoy me for the most part.

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I’m not a very girly kind of girl, and yes I do generally enjoy the company of men. Certainly not all men. I’ve had way more male friends than female, but the female friends I have are very special to me, too.

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I’ve always preferred the company of men. I’ve had some great female friends, but I was always more comfortable with the guys.

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My personality is more akin to those traits that you ascribe to males; so yes, I enjoy the company of men like that more than chatty women who pay top dollar to be walking advertisements for mediocre products.

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I love my female friends. Masculine traits aren’t inherently better than feminine ones, and I’ve met very few people in real life who fit these stereotypes.

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In my experience the more you get to know someone the more you realise that they have a reasonably even balance of both masculine and feminine quirks. There’s some variability there obviously, but almost everyone will have a few traits deemed one way or t’other.

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I love using the word t’other.

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In general I enjoy male company. I find men (in general) more easy going than women and I often prefer their humour.

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My college is nearly ¾ men, so I hang out with guys a lot, and it is fortunate that I do enjoy male company. In fact I have yet to make a very close female friend here, though I’m not sure why that is.

One should always be careful not to let their enjoyment of male traits become hate for female traits.

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