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Is there any danger in having too much salad?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22417points) January 8th, 2013

I find myself now in the habit of eating two good-sized salads a day—usually mixed greens or spring mix for lunch (often with tuna on the top), and another with dinner (spinach mostly, but sometimes mixed greens or romaine).

Aside from the obvious effect on my digestive system, is there any harm in eating a lot of salad every day?

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The efficacy of some medications like coumadin (a blood thinner) is affected by the vitamin k in lettuce and other salad ingredients. This I know for sure.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room – yes, I realize that. Fortunately, I am not on Coumadin.

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I think the only possible hazard would be not washing your greens properly. Plus also certain pesticides are not great on vegetables. I am no expert but that comes to mind. Also be weary of certain tunas as they can be high in mercury. But really I am nit picking here, I think salad is the way to go!

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Not at all.

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Not at all.
You will certainly be regular in your elimination process, all that fiber.
Getting plenty of vitamins and minerals is also a benefit.
Otherwise, as long as your ears are not becoming elongated and your teeth are not starting to buck and turn rodent orange and you see no evidence of whiskers, it’s all good.

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I think it would be very difficult to consume enough salad to be considered too much.

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too much of anything is bad.. just remember that.

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If you start getting fat, THAT IS TOO MUCH SALAD.

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So making sure you vary the ingredients on your salad. Also as noted above lettuce and greens harbor more pesticides because they are harder to wash and don’t have a protective outside.

Tuna of course there is mercury. And the dressing you use can be really unhealthy. Vinegar and oil are or hummus or some homemade creation out of natural ingredients is best.

How ever vegetables contain protein fiber and all sorts of vitamins mineral etc. You usually can tell the type by the color.

Tomatoes lycopene though canned its acidic and can be inflammatory.

Could go on.

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