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Is bottled water ok?

Asked by rojo (21877points) January 8th, 2013

There have been a couple of questions about dieting lately and one of the things mentioned is drinking plenty of water. It is not that I do not like the taste of water but it is somewhat, shall we say, bland. I do like the 0 calorie flavored water and drink quite a lot of it during the day to dilute my uric acid.
Other than the obvious ecological effect of all those darn plastic bottles and that I am consuming “potassium citrate, potassium benzoate, sucralose, malic acid, acesulfame potassium, and tartaric acid” (but surely there are chemicals in my tap water) does this count toward my water intake for the day? Are there any adverse effects that would counteract any benefits from the water consumption.

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Bottled water is essentially the same as tap water. There are no adverse affects from drinking water—unless you drink too much of it.

If plain water is too bland for you, there are a whole host of leaves and herbs that may be soaked in hot water to produce a more flavoursome beverage. The most popular of these is called tea.

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Of course. Water is water.

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I don’t like the plastic bottles that are left over. We’re one of the 5 states with a 5 cent deposit, so there’s a little incentive to recycle. I can’t stand the horse piss our municipal water system puts out. I thought I’d be smart and refill a bottle from the drinking fountian. I nearly spit it out it was so foul.

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Sucralose is artificial sweetener – Splenda is the brand name.

You can do your own research on Splenda fearmongering. I happen to like it.

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Several ice cubes and a squirt of fresh lime or lemon juice will make water more interesting. If you are dealing with town water loaded with chlorine, you might look into a water filtering system.

I have a nice well so don’t know much about filters, buts lots of Jellies use them.

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Do you like soda? Plain old soda? I find it to be the perfect alternative.

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Of course it counts to your daily fluid intake. My urologist told me that any fluid counts if it’s non-caffeinated and non-alcoholic, both of which are diuretic. So you can count fruit juices, herbal teas and even non-caffeinated soda too.

Watch the salts content of your bottled water – some of it is high in sodium and/or potassium. And don’t keep bottles around too long especially in a warm place: chemicals leech out of the plastic into the water.

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Tap water is typically sampled hourly, so is less likely to have hazardous components in it. Unfortunately, the tap water in my area tastes terrible. Bottled water tastes better, but is sampled only once a day then sits in the bottle for days and days. We finally put in a reverse osmosis system at home. The water tastes great and I don’t have to get rid of plastic bottles anymore. Costs about the same as bottled water due to the filters, etc.

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I would make my own water with lime or lemon in it,

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I would worry about salts also, which could potentially lead to kidney stones if you’re drinking a lot of it. Why not add your own flavouring to your free, safe tap water? You get to control what’s in the water, it’s cheaper, and no plastic bottle waste. @gailcalled‘s suggestion is good; also a slice of cucumber is nice in water even if you don’t like cucumber as a food.

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If you buy bottled water that comes in plastic bottles, then you are adding to the over-abundance of plastic pollution (have you ever viewed the HUGE ‘garbage patch’ that exists off the coast of Hawaii – you can find it on the internet & most of it consists of PLASTIC).

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My nephrologist (kidney doctor) told me that anything that is liquid at room temperature counts toward your daily fluid intake, even ice cream! Of course, ice cream won’t help you lose weight. Pretty much any fluid but saltwater will do the job, coffee and soup included. For dieting purposes, just choose fluids that aren’t full of empty calories.

I drink Deer Park bottled water frequently. It’s spring water and tastes so much better than my filtered tap water.

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Our predecessors drank water out of streams where buffalo and wild horses drank and pissed and shit. Those people produced offspring that eventually produced our generation who has the time and money to ponder whether or not they should drink water cleaned up at the municipal plant or collected and bottled from a mountain spring that may or may not be loaded up with piss and spit and shit from the local rock climbers and their dogs before it is placed in a non biodegradable bottle.
Carrying a bottle around is convenient and even fashionable. I satisfy both masters by filling a bottle with tap water. It is decent water, plus I re use the bottle. That way, everybody is happy.

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@josie Hear, hear.

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Bottled water is tested less stringently then tap water though some of it is tap water. aquafina dasani and smart water have some of the lowest ppm pollution you are better off drinking filtered water.

If you add lemon or lime that is a wonderful detox it is alkaline digestable and has a taste. (r dilute grapefruit juice or carrot juice both sweet and tasty much healthier then the zero calorie shit you are currently drinking.

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Yeah, don’t drink that artificial stuff :P

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City Tap water in most of North America should be fine to drink! Whether it tastes like Horse Piss or Not! Plus.., most Bottled water advertisements are BS i think…

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Bottled water is okay, but I think it’s mostly just companies trying to make you pay for things you can get for free. Plus, I read somewhere that, in most cases, tap water is safer since they’re required several safety tests a month, whereas the companies that produce bottled water only undergo maybe one or two a month.

Either way, WATER IS AWESOME! If it’s too tasteless for you, make lemonade! Have green tea! Or try adding mint leaves and lemon wedges to your water. Yum.

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Tap water is tested hourly, bottled water is tested at best daily.

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@RocketGuy Isn’t that because tap is constantly moving and being replenished with new water? Why would water in a sealed bottle need hourly testing?

Our tap water tastes like dirt. I don’t know how that’s healthier than bottled.

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My tap water tastes like iron. But that’s because it’s full of iron. Yay, well water. Blech.

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For tap water, they test for unhealthy levels of certain chemicals every hour so that people won’t be sickened when they drink it. Thousands of gallons leave the plant every hour, so they can’t let too much time pass by between tests. They don’t do anything about the yucky tasting minerals because those are not particularly toxic.

For bottled water, they test water in their system just before it gets bottled. There must be some rule that they have to test once a day, so they do. But that means if there is a breakdown somewhere in the system, they won’t detect it until the next day. Thousands of bottles will have been filled in that time (yum). Obviously, they can’t test water that is already sealed in a bottle.

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@RocketGuy Maybe this is beside the point – but could they not choose a sample bottle from a botched batch (say that ten times fast) and test that?

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