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What would you do with these lottery winnings?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) January 8th, 2013

Say that you won the lottery, but the prize was $500 or 500 in whatever currency you have, what would you spend it on?

Winning a lower sum of money is perhaps more realistic for most than winning a life changing amount and it does rule out the usual things of a holiday, new car, big house so would you go on a night out? Get a few clothes? Pay some bills? Put it all on red?

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Interesting, with R500.00 I’d buy groceries. Which would be, milk, bread, soap powder, some meat, a few veg’s like potatoes, some fresh butternut. Tea, coffee, toilet paper, the big one. Cigarettes. Poof gone.

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I’d use the money and invest it in a brilliant business idea I have, buying a few of the items needed for me to get started. Within a year I’d have a turnover of at least a million. In ten years—I’d be the Chairman and CEO of a massive multinational corporation with tens of thousands of employees.

Unfortunately, I don’t play the lottery.

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Spend it all on a gift card for the SO from her favorite clothing store. In my case, the resulting psychological and sexual payoff will be so good it would feel like I won more than 500 bucks. : )

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Possibly nothing. We won $500 cash the first time we played Bingo and didn’t spend it. If I must come up with something I’d say either food or eating out a few times. Or many times, actually. It was just exciting seeing that man dump the pile of bills on the table in front of us. It just looked great all rolled up.

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It’d go in the Car Insurance jar. That’s $1200 I’m not looking forward to shelling out again in a few months.

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I’d either pay off a small credit card bill or put it in savings.

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I’d buy an electric piano and put the rest toward a pool membership

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Spend it on more lottery chances.

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Invest or save it, probably the latter.

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Medical bills.

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Pay the butler a week’s wages & give him a few days off, he could do with a rest could old Montague.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Dude, $1,200? What kind of ride do you have?

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$500? Psht…I’d either buy groceries for three weeks or pay off my credit card. Couldn’t do both. $500 isn’t much money. If take it though. :)

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I’d deposit it in the bank. It would be gone before I knew what happened. It might cover our expenses for a few days. Really, I wouldn’t even notice it.

When my wife worked, she might get a bonus of a few thousand dollars in March. But we never treated it like a bonus or a prize. We always saved the money. Good thing, because now she isn’t working, those savings keep us out of trouble.

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Our family could use some new clothes. badly

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Put it in my Disneyland fund.

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Put it towards my daughter’s schooling.

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Buy a nice pair of boots and dress shoes. I haven’t bought shoes in 3 or 4 years.

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Add it to the down payment we’re saving for our new house.

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Pay it off a debt or buy my kids a present each.

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@bob_ I have a 1988 Crown Victoria. And I have 6 months left on my husband’s FR44 requirement – uber-fucking-expensive insurance – because of a bullshit “DUI” he got in the front yard of our house at 7am.

The cops “recalibrated” the machine until he blew over.

If we could afford a lawyer, we could have it overturned, but nothing is going to get us that 10 grand back.

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My point proven:

I got my financial aid refund check from school today – $1000. My books only added up to $200 this semester (what?! Crazy!). So, with what I had left over, I paid off my credit card – $600. What was $1000 a few hours ago is now $200, which will surely go toward our $425 annual HOA fee.

C’est la vie.

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