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What app would you most like to see developed for the iPhone 2.0 software?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) June 9th, 2008

pretty self explanatory, go ahead and give type (rpg, sports, networking apps, ets.) or give specific examples (monopoly, facebook app, etc.)

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I would probably get mostly games/entertainment apps.

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This is nothing fancy, but I’d really like Apple to develop a super nice iChat app for the iPhone.

Philip Ryu’s blog has some really nice suggestions right when the phone launched.

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yeah i would like one that wasnt third party, designed by apple. and i would also like MMS because i am sick of having to explain that my $600 phone (when i bought it) doesn’t accept picture messages

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Yeah, I’m certainly skeptical about AOL developing the featured chat client.

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MMS, iChat, Messenger client, Facebook, Fluther (native), and Twitter

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AOL doesn’t develop for Mac and they haven’t for years. Most likely an AIM client would be Apple’s iChat or maybe Adium.

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I second and third a decent chat client. iChat would be extremely cool. I’m not all that interested in games, but something that takes advantage of the acceleramoter would be fun just for showing off. Otherwie, I think Apple is addressing a few details that I was concerned about—like bulk delete in mail.

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AOL announced that it will be releasing an AIM client, available with the iPhone 2.0 update in June.

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A nice SSH client.

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If you look at the iPhone in the middle, it’s a picture of an app called “Twitterrific” which is a native app for Twitter. It’ll be on the App Store when it comes out (probably).

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im pretty sure that it is guaranteed. all the ones that were shown yesterday are guaranteed on the app store

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@technokid20 thx man. I saw. I was happy with it. I posted my comment right before all the news came rolling in.

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@Spargett Oh snap! Thanks for the info, I (obviously) had no idea. I guess the power of the bandwagon is strong

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