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If you want to mix it up on Fluther, should you join the thread early, or late?

Asked by josie (27500points) January 8th, 2013

I have noticed that when a stimulating or provocative question is asked on Fluther, the early responders wind up getting lost in the thread, while the later, more contemporary participants wind up being in the more stimulating dynamic. Is it better to let a thread ripen up before joining in? Or is it better to establish a position up front and be part of the founding establishment?

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Early. Wanna make something of my answer!!!!????

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Yes. Lets settle this shit right now!!!! :)

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Actually, I am waiting to respond later as I get more attention.

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I think you are absolutely correct most of the good stuff happens in the middle or towards the end. On the other hand, if someone has asked a good question, and it sits there for a few minutes, I get antsy to get the ball rolling.

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Neither. You ask provocative or annoying questions and wait for the fun to start.

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It’s always the same two or three people at the end of the discussion, and I have a feeling many leave the discussion because they are tired of looking at the same two or three people. I know I have. Get in there early before everyone leaves!

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@jonsblond Excellent observation.

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@SABOTEUR why thank you kind sir. so happy to see you back here. :)

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You’re welcome…and thanks.

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From what I’ve observed from a GA perspective, the start or end seems to be the best place to be. If you are in the middle your answers are more likely to be missed. Which is sad because some of the best answers are in the middle.

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It’s good to mix it up whenever one decides. If others will follow or not…who can tell.

Here comes a new challenger!

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Ideally you would enter when you can add something of value to whatever was asked. But if you just want attention and lurve it is best to go first.

Average questions only have 15 responses. I think most of us can manage to read through all those.

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Some of the best stuff is in the middle, just like a sandwich.
It’s noticeable however, that a lot of bullshit answers appear first, like they can’t wait to unleash crap.

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Probably the beginning, the end turns to recipes. Or food.

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The problem I find with the end of the thread is that many people have stopped following by then.

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<— waiting to unleash crap

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^^Been on the sauce again, dose of the runs?

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I like to be unpredictable and go both ways.

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