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Have any tips and tricks to help baby deal with teething?

Asked by pleiades (6581points) January 9th, 2013

8 month old William has his burst of episodes of teething pain usually around 11pm-1am before his deep sleep. Have any advice?

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Poor little fellow, and poor sleepy parents. I feel for you both.

When my children were little and teething, we used the plastic rings that you could put in the freezer (or was it the fridge?) and then give them to chew on. It seemed to help. If I remember correctly, the trick was to get them to work through the worst of the pain during daylight hours by giving them teething biscuits and other hard things to chew on.

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Frozen waffles.

Worked like a charm for my daughter. Similar to the plastic rings, the cold would soothe her gums. As she gnawed on it, the waffle would soften and get mushy – which she’d like. Plus she would eat some waffle as it disintegrated.

Cold gums, mushy waffle, food in belly = ZZZZZZZZZZ

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And a little bit of children’s Advil works too, for when they are really miserable.

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I gave my nephew a cold damp wash clothe, or even better vanilla ice cream. He loved anything cold.

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This is great when teething!
The gel numbs the area it was applied to, even adults in my family use it when their gums are hurting for some reason, or they have painful aphtae.

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@cookieman That is awesome!

My son did frozen carrots. Peel a few whole carrots and stick ‘em in the freezer.

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We used those soft, freezable teething rings, and Highland’s teething tablets.

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Do you guys all use these things during the night? I try very hard to have night time be quiet and dark… so no toys or food.

Sometimes I think a distraction is helpful… a few drops of cold water from a dropper (like medicine) or damp washcloth to chew on, but I don’t use food or teething toys at nighttime. We rock and cuddle and I shush and (sometimes) nurse.

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My mother told me a frozen Jack Daniels bottle worked for me. Seriously.

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That’s when I switched to a luke warm or cold bottle. That worked. Ask your doctor about baby aspirin. Good luck. You never know how life’s changes will affect your own baby.

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Teething cookies. You can make them yourself.

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You jellies are all fantastic! Thanks!

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@Seek_Kolinahr: I like the carrot idea too.

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