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What does your phone say about you?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30536points) January 9th, 2013

Landline? Your head is stuck in the 70s. Your TV still has a dial. You wear polyester leisure suits.

Ancient but eternal Nokia? You’re on a spiritual quest in this life. Possessions weigh you down. You’re dreaming of your next foreign travel.

Small, old reliable flip phone? You’re cheap. You’re waiting for data plans to go down in price to buy a smartphone. You measure twice and cut once. Caution is your buzzword.

iPhone 3? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and just like the small, old reliable flip phone users, you’re cheap. You probably drive a Camry from the 90s.

A hip, new Android? w00t! “Just look at all the apps I got for free!” You spend time learning how to file apps and scroll faster. You sit in Starbucks with your friends, and all of you are staring at your phones.

iPhone 5? “Just look what Siri will do for me.” You have your eye on a new car. It’s probably an Audi. All your kitchen appliances are stainless steel.

What can we surmise about you based on the type of phone you use the most?

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“You like it when I vibrate in the front pocket of your jeans don’t you big boy, uh-huh…oh yeah!”

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@ucme You’ve got an old, reliable flip phone, don’t you? Those are the kind that vibrate until they set off seismic detectors.

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@Hawaii_Jake You calling me cheap? How very dare you bitch, i’ll scratch your eyes out!!
I had a flip phone years ago, used to walk with a limp, they reminded me of those Star Trek thingies, “beam me up Scottie.”

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@ucme Well? Did they? Beam you up, I mean.

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Old pay as you go nokia candybar phone. Under five bucks a month since I barely use any minutes. Ipod touch covers all the smartphone crap for free. Screw paying 80 bucks a month the bells and whistles. That is a lot of beer.

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As usual, @johnpowell hits it out of the park. It’s a home run.

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@FutureMemory One of my daughters has a similar LG. It works like a charm, but that doesn’t stop her from drooling over her friend’s new Samsung Galaxy S III.

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I’m perfectly happy with it. I spend enough time on the internet on my laptop, if I had it on my phone I’d waste even more time doing nothing :)

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I have a landline, but don’t give out the number. I like my privacy, and don’t enjoy a ringing device demanding my instant attention.

If I walked up to you on the street saying “talk to me now, stop that, me, talk to me, me me me” you would probably tell me to fuck off, yet that is exactly what I do if I call you.

I don’t like people knowing where I am or being able to get hold of me easy. I have a door that can be knocked on, a landline that is never used that is only there so I can have internet, and that is about it. I make all calls from payphones or call centers. Otherwise, I can skype message or facebook message someone to their mobile.

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iPhone 4 and I love it! I can play games to my heart’s content, draw amazing pictures, take fantastic photos and edit them too, get my email, read the paper, have books read to me, listen to music, GPS, know how far and how fast I am running, it does everything!!! Sometimes I even call people on it!

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I have an LG slider with a QWERTY keypad. I send text messages far more than I call people. I’ll hold onto this baby until my cell phone plan makes me get another :-p

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Ancient but eternal Nokia? You’re on a spiritual quest in this life. Possessions weigh you down. You’re dreaming of your next foreign travel.

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I have the Casio GzOne Ravine II
It is virtually indestructible. Waterproof, shockproof, resistant to dust, altitude, etc., and it is only about 1 mm thicker than the Ruger LCP.
My phone is a tool. I don’t spend a lot of time looking at it.

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@LuckyGuy I love it! It’s what I am looking for. They don’t have it here. Yay – I’m gonna get one in NY next month.

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@LuckyGuy : Awesome. That’s pretty butch, haha. Can you really drop it in water??

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Yep. You can put it in a glass of water, or a beer if you are really being butch and call it. The beer froths up all over the table. Unfortunately it is not sticky proof so you have to wash it later.
It has a very long talk and standby time I often go a week between charging. (I don’t jabber to friends.)

It also has built in GPS, temp and pressure sensors. It is not an iPhone but you can download apps. I do not have any. I refuse to pay for anything more than my basic phone service.
By the way, the Verizon folks call it a “man phone”.

@zensky “in NY next month.” Anywhere near here? Want a personal demonstration of either the LCP or the GzOne?

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@LuckyGuy You must have missed my questions re. coming. It is not 100% yet – but if I do for sure I want to meet up. It’ll be interesting to chat post elections here… I am probably meeting Wunday and a couple of others… we’ll talk…

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So I guess I’m cheap. Sheesh I only got the phone because my mother gets nervous when I’m out on my own. I don’t plan on getting a new phone either, this little guy survived being run over twice. He’s a tough little thing!

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I have a landline for home use, and a Samsung Galaxy S for away from home use, and texting, that I refuse to use for expensive Internet access. That says I’m current and smart.

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I’ve got a little LG flip phone. I’m home all day, so there’s no need for me to have a data plan.

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Prepaid Blackberry-style LG.

Cautious and penny-pinching.

I refuse to pay for internet at home and internet on my phone. When is the WiFi cloud going to get here, anyway? At this point, itsn’t internet access more of a right and a necessity than a privilege? You can’t even file for poor people benefits without internet access.

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@Hawaii_Jake Of course it didn’t you silly boy…one day maybe.

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That I live in a rural area where there are a lot of power outages and downed phone lines.

That I live in a rural area with bad tower coverage.

That I have a lot of discretionary income for other things.

That my four-year old LG Dinosaur works just fine for auto emergencies.

That I still keep two soup cans and some string for really difficult times.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Not exactly sure (nor do I care) what it says about me, but my wife thinks it says that I’m absurd and that I have forgotten that there is a difference a phone and tablet.

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I own both a company iPhone and a new S3, and both say the same thing about me: that despite my better judgment, I’ve bought into the commonly held idea that I must be connected all the time.

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I ‘d like to add something to my comment above. I do like having a phone in case of an emergency.

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#5 on the list for me. Yes I am a text head and online constantly. 50$ a month unlimited yay. And when my stupid magellan broke now I just use my phone. It shows a picture of your destination.

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iPhone 5 (finally upgraded). I do drive an Audi, that’s about it ;) But I actually bought it without my parents’ money, which is a first :)

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I’m too cheap to buy a smart phone. I use an ipod touch becaue I get to use much of the technology without the monthly bill. Also the only people that call me on my land line just want money.

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I have a fateful hateful relationship with mobile phones as they are getting way too clever for me.
I have just been forced into ordering a ‘rugged’ Nokia (suitable for builders and lady farmers apparently though I am neither) as I have a penchant for dropping mobiles either onto concrete or in water.
I am seriously thinking of a bit of carrier pigeon breeding, though the response time will not be good!

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iPhone 5

I’ve always wanted an Audi, but settled for affordable VWs that I’ve driven 165,000–225,000 miles each. My current VW just turned 100,000 miles, so I’m not in the market just yet, but my son is an apprentice mechanic at an Audi dealer, so the odds are that I’ll get a used one when the time comes.

My kitchen appliances are stainless steel – but they were put in by the landlord. I don’t care what they look like, as long as they aren’t eyesores and they work well.

Siri came out with the iPhone 4S, so it wasn’t a novelty when the 5 was released. I’ve used Apple products since 1982, and got the iPhone the first day it came out because someone finally made a smart smartphone that did the stuff that was relevant to me. I haven’t owned every model, either. I’ve upgraded only when there is a significant improvement for what I do with the device.

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Sentimental rebel. Blackberry.

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