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When I was 20, 25, 30, 35 (your choice) you could always find me ... and you'd never catch me doing...

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 9th, 2013

Someone here aged 25 said they weren’t getting much sex.
I think at 25 I was a fucking bunny rabbit and got enough to last a lifetime. Which was both useful and prophetic because now I am practically celibate.

At 35 you could always find me outdoors and usually with one of my kids on my shoulders.

Now I am usually indoors and can barely lift my shoulders.

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When I was 24 to 40 you could always find me killing myself, working two jobs (averaging 60 hours/week ; and you’d never rarely catch me relaxing.

Just this year, I’m down to one job, barely working 35 hours/week.

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When I was 25 you could always find me partying. All my pictures from before age 30 show me with a drink and a cigarette in my hands.

I haven’t had a drink in over 26 years, and it’s been almost the same since I had a cigarette.

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@zenvelo I have a similar story. I still drink occasionally but no more smokes.

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30 – 40 Working my backside off
40 – 50 Still working my backside off
50 – Found my G Spot

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@Shippy Mazel Tov. Pics or it never happened.

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@Shippy out of the things you said there it sounds like the 50 one would have been the most rewarding.

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When I was 20 – I was a single, lonely, depressed Fundamentalist Christian.

When was 25 – I was married, a mom, and a happy atheist.

Yay, growing up!

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35–45 dancing every night of the week; now, I develop an instant limp whenever I get near a dance floor.

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When I was… well, any age at all after age 12 or so, you’d always find me with a novel in my hand.

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