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If you could reinvent yourself, what would you change?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) January 9th, 2013

In a way when I move far away from where I am, I think I might like to.

Madonna does it all the time for marketing purposes. Some would just like to rid themselves of the past, others find this a natural part of progression.

How would you start? What would you change? Your name, your ways of being? Your clothes, your look? Or your philosophies and ideas. Have you already done this? I would say I have for various career changes for example. In a way it could be quite necessary depending on who you are.

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I think I would change some of my nature. Not all of it, but I would like to become a little bit more of a people person (but not too much as I would never like to be the life and soul of a party) and also get myself to be a bit more confident. Apart from that I think a haircut.

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Nah, I like myself the way that I am. I might change some career stuff, but that’s about it.

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I’ve been fantasizing recently about getting off the academic train and just working a 9 to 5… where I didn’t have to think about my work every waking hour. But it’s just a pipe dream.

But in a general sense, rather than remaking myself, I guess I have been simply making myself recently. I did not learn to be a guy, from behavior to clothes to haircuts to dating procedures, and I have a lot of catching up to do.

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I’d change my name to Max Power, learn to play electric guitar, and become a career punk rocker, yeah!

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Well, if money was no object, I’d expatriate to either the UK or Norway and start writing seriously. Like, writing with eventually selling my writing in mind, instead of just for my own pleasure.

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Not to say I consider don’t consider myself in need of various physical and mental tweaks, but when I consider how fortunate I’ve been in my life—the parents I had, the place where I grew up, the grand friendships and deep loves I’ve had, the work I’ve been able to do, and on and on—I can honestly say I wouldn’t have any interest in reinventing myself.

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I’d like to have putting the toilet seat down become second nature. Also, I have a ‘stage’ public persona that I like, but it is not the real me that I exhibit in private or small social gatherings. I often wonder what it would be like if my public persona was the real me all the time.

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I am reinventing myself.

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I sort of did that several times in my life because I moved so much (Army brat). I don’t think it was intentional in any way, because I didn’t do anything differently. However, in some places I was popular and very involved in social events in school, etc. and in other places, I was pretty much an outcast, bullied a lot and withdrew. I went to three different high schools and Freshman year was horrible, we moved and my Sophomore and Junior year were the happiest of my life (at that time) and then moved again my Senior year (disaster again). It was more about being picked up and set down in a totally different set of circumstances where my personality and attributes were either positives or negatives according to the dominant group’s views and culture than it was any active attempt on my part to reinvent myself.

If I was going to purposely reinvent myself what I’d like to do is move far away and do something completely different for a living. Something as far from what I do now as possible. Some day if I can afford to and when my kids are older and no longer dependent on me, I might just do that.

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I would move to a warmer climate, travel to Europe and more than likely never see the US again. I love my country but I am so disillusioned right now, maybe check out Israel, India and a few other interesting countries/ cultures. I’d also like to live in a commune and a an Indian reservation for a year or so.

As far as reinventing myself, I think with a change in environment and politics, I would change organically.

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I would not change my past even though it is filled with some dark times, the past is the past I cannot change it and it shaped me into who I am. If there was a trait I could change it would probably be my procrastination just because it causes to many problems. It has gotten better over the years, but it is still something I struggle with. Other than that I am who I am so why change it? Unless of coarse I was some crazy maniac or had manic depression than yea maybe I would like to change that.

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Nowt, if it ain’t broke…

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I would put my foot down, stand behind my values, and refuse to have an elaborate wedding.

I never had any storybook notions about weddings. My hope had been to slip away to city hall and get married quietly. It’s all about priorities; I believe that the marriage, and not the wedding, is what should really matter. The money spent on a wedding can be used by a couple to have a solid start and build a life together. I know that many people will disagree with me (“It’s my big day!”), but those are my personal values.

Most men would be delighted with this plan. Why not bypass a bride’s nonstop wedding-wwedding-wedding obsession and fast-forward to the marriage?

But, my husband’s parents were appalled. They’d already decided that their son would have a big, fancy wedding, and his mother expected me to go along with the wedding of her dreams.

Sadly, my in-laws are domineering, meglomanical people, and they bullied my husband into agreeing. For my part, I wanted to start the marriage on harmonious terms, so I dug in my heels only so deeply and reluctantly, unhappily tried to keep the peace.

Needless to say, the whole thing was a disaster. I spent my entire life savings, and even went into debt, for a wedding that I didn’t want. When my in-laws continually tried to force their demands on me, I had to stand up for myself and have brutal, ugly fights. (Twenty-two years later, I still don’t like my in-laws; an unbreachable rift was formed, and I keep my distance.) I never forgave my husband for being such a Mama’s Boy and not standing by his future wife; any mention of that wedding will dredge up bad memories and upset me. What should have been a happy time was ruined, and my wedding day was literally the worst day of my life.

When my husband came to his senses and saw the carnage, he regretted everything. He went into a deep depression that lasted for at least a year. If he could do it all over again, he, too, would say “No!” and avoid the all that pain and damage.

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I’ve changed a lot over the years but, ultimately, I like who I am and inspite of some hard knocks wouldn’t change a thing. The most significant changes have been revising a lot of my belief systems. I have no desire to make shallow, external changes for impression management purposes. I strive for authenticity.
I’ve always inhabited the gray areas of life, I am a complex woman and have long ago quit trying to shove my square peg into round holes. It’s all good. :-)

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I’d add a foot in height, but keep the same weight. I’d increase the confidence by 50%. I’d fatten the wallet a bit, too.

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Bigger schlong. Smaller belly.

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^^^ If you cut back on the cookies you’ll be thinner and your schlong will look longer. haha
Hey, my boobs are a 36 long these days. lolol

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I already did! I’m really happy with who I am these days.

In high school I was shy, often grumpy, insecure, and had some pretty fucked up priorities.

These days I am friendly, cheerful, and I like myself. I think I have achieved a much better balance in life.

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I have reinvented myself a few times over my life. I am pretty happy with who I am. Sure I might tweak some health things – but overall – I am doing fine.

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@Coloma: That’s an idea.

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I would be totally bald instead of this half-assed male pattern baldness shit.

i hate shaving

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I might grow up sooner. But as it was, I had 2 decades of being 20. I still haven’t caught up.

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I would ditch the depression.

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