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Can you take my survey?

Asked by sohpie15 (1points) January 9th, 2013

For my AP Psychology class my partner and I are researching social media relationships. We really need more people to be added to our research! Could you please take our short and easy survey?

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I’m actually married to someone I originally met online. :)

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Welcome to Fluther. I just did it too. Good luck with your project.

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I did the survey as well, but I found something unclear.

The title says “Social Media Relationships”. At the beginning, I felt fine answering everything, but as the survey went on it appeared you were speaking of romantic relationships. Was this your intention? If so, you may want to make it more clear at the offset. Friendships are relationships, too, you know.

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I agree with @Seek_Kolinahr I completed it, but I felt like when it was asking me if I talk to people other than my romantic partner through social media and if my romantic partner is aware of this, that it was asking if am I virtually cheating on my partner. Therefore, I had to clarify that I talk to lots of people via social media, but not romantically.

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If you wish, where would you like me to put it?

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I felt a similar problem to the one @diavolobella mentioned. It seemed to me that your assumption was that people only had one relationship. If people had many relationships, whether romantic or not, there was no space to really specify.

Also your open ended questions contained implicit assumptions and were not written in neutral terms. It is not a good idea to ask if something was good. Instead, you should ask how people felt about something, and specify that thing, to some degree.

However, you are in high school, and I think this shows great initiative on your part. I’m glad you’re doing it. When you go to college, and you want to design a survey, you should read about how to design a good survey, and there may be people on campus who help you do good surveys. I know there is where I work, because I’m it.

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