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Have you ever heard someone's thoughts/been heard?

Asked by kevbo (25654points) June 9th, 2008

I know this is a little goofy, but I remembered an incident where I was having a conversation with a relative who misspoke about something. My thought bubble retort was something along the lines of “blah blah blah, dumbass,” after which he immediately turned his head at me and shot me a look. I was so sure he “heard” me but didn’t want to discuss it because then I’d have to admit what I was thinking. Anyone have that kind of experience?

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( what a dumbass question )

Huh, wha…? No, I didn’t say anything. Seriously. Look, I just gave a you a GQ! Really!

Sometimes I think my wife wishes I had that ability. I swear she tries to answer some of my questions in her head. And then she’s mad at me for not knowing what she “said”.

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idk about what you are talking about but me and my brother always think exactly what each other is thinking. usually its when my moms yelling at us and we are like dang this is lame and we think the same stuff

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I just wear a tinfoil hat to stay on the safe side, but as for reading other peoples minds… Never happened.

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Boy, do I wish, especially when my kids were teen-agers.

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Maybe it was a freudian slip.

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Kevbo, I know what you’re talking about.

I had this friend who I worked with. He was not very educated and he said less than intelligible things most of the time. However, I am convinced he could read minds, as goofy as that sounds.

Whenever I would think thoughts like “man, it would be awesome to quit and throw these dishes in my manager’s face” he would look at me (from nearly across the room without having seen my face or expression) and tell me “no…you don’t wanna do that, man.”

So after being ridiculiusly freaked out, I decided to test it out. I walked by him and was thinking “do you know what I’m thinking?” I tried it several times and everytime he nodded. Immediately after he would tell me “it’s alright man, you don’t have to be afraid of me now or anything.”

I don’t care who believes me…it happened!

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thats creepy

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Damn. That is crazy. Great story.

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It happens with identical twins all the time. I have 21 year old twins.

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