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How can I mount this scroll (see details) on my wall?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) January 9th, 2013

We just got a rolled up document that is 7’ 9” (2.36 meters) long by 2’ 8½” (0.8255 meters) high. It’s a timeline of biblical history, showing when each of the epochs chronicled in the Bible happened and what was going on with the biblical characters and elsewhere in the world at that given time.

I’d love to put it up on a wall, but I’m not sure how to do that. It’s made of a heavy paper with a high sheen coating, and is rolled up in scroll format but does not have sticks on its ends.

Is there some form of scroll mount that I could purchase that would let us mount it with the rollers about 3 feet or 1 meter apart, and let us then wind the scroll to view a particular portion of the timeline.

Covering a whole wall with it in a flat, rigid frame seems impractical to me. Such a frame with a glass face and backing to keep the paper flat, would be expensive and heavy. The walls here are thin wallboard, so mounting heavy items on them is tricky.

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