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For me, music is...

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 9th, 2013

Someone was wearing a T that said;
Music is Life. Everything else is details.

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Basically, music is just background racket that gets in the way of the shows I am watching. When my husband is home, he has music on constantly, and it is somewhat annoying to me. I prefer as little noise as possible. He keeps it turned down low, but it is still constant.

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Music is love, passion, nature, and life. When I’m up I crankout the loud rock and roll. When I’m down I might have silence. Music is life, expressed differently.

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Music is something I turn to in times of need. I listen to it all the time because it makes me forget about everything on my mind.

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I don’t expect plebs to understand it

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@NostalgicChills That’s beautiful. You expressed it better than I did.

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…an essential part of my life. Music lifts my spirits when I am down, keeps me company when I’m lonely, often joins me in joyful abandonment when I am happy, distracts me when I am bored and regularly provides the score that plays along while I experience so many of life’s good and bad moments.

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thawed architecture.

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Almost as pleasant as silence.

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a lifesaver. Tangerine flavored.

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. . . . a large part of my life. I’m generally not a soloist, but I’ve sung in very large chorales, small choruses, trios, octets, and in musical theater. It’s brought many wonderful experiences to may life: singing the Verdi Requiem at Carnegie Hall; with the chorus in Aida with the San Francisco opera; Carmina Burana in a bull ring in Spain; spirituals in a cave in Guilin, China. Music added wonderful experiences to my life. And I often enjoy the preparation of the music even more than the performance.

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…a series of melodic tones, sometimes random, but often structured so as to make a person’s feet tap, maybe even dance.

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Music is something that’s nearly ancient as men. Sure, now we have all sorts of musical instruments and stuff to make sounds with. We have plenty of genres, all sorts of different types of subjects for lyrics to go along with the music.
Music is now everywhere; it’s in movies, video games, on whatever handphone/I Pod/tablet you might own.

Maybe it started out as cavemen banging rocks together, and slave drivers beating on a drum to keep rowers in rhythm. Music is probably pretty damn complicated when it comes to its uses, its enjoyment, its history and psychological factors. Studies have been done on this, and they keep being done.

But I don’t know nothing about any of that, and I just like to chiiiiilllll-AH.

Music is fuckin’ awesome.

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Music is what feelings sound like.

I love it, I love the artistry and the unique way some artists sound and present themselves.

After almost a decade in the music business I still get surprised, it’s ever-evolving and changing, and since I have no musical talent except writing, it’s fascinating to me.

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Music is juice of life. It’s a form of expression different from any other form of expression. Music can not save the world, but it can lead to change for some people. Music can be very bad and then it’s annoying, disturbing and totally unusable. But it can also be beautiful and then it’s the opposite.

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Music is life, and life is music. Think about it. Music is everywhere. It is the essence of being.
It is the strength when we are weak.
It is the joy when we are merry.
It is the hand to hold when unsteady.
It is the shoulder to cry on when sad.
It is the sound of your loved one breathing beside you.
It is the sound of a million hearts beating at once.
It is the wind, the trees, the blood pumping around your body.
Music is thoughts, emotions, dreams in the form of sound.
Music is you, and you are music.

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Music one of the two components of a very effective mood alteration procedure, the other being coffee.

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@fremen_warrior : I think you might be missing some there… Chocolate… sex…. pancakes? :-p

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@bookish1 you’re right! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had either of those – I do kind of miss all of these xD

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