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What if someone lives with me and i deside to kick them out what should i do with there stuff if the don't come get there stuff.

Asked by mmcole92 (1points) January 9th, 2013

what i should do with the stuff if they don’t come get there stuff.

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Contact this person and ask if they want their stuff… if they do let then take it. But if they don’t, keep everything you want and sell everything else. ;)

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Don’t sell or throw anything away until you talk to a lawyer. Most states have specific steps you have to follow to evict someone, even if they never paid rent or signed a lease. If you don’t follow the steps you can be in big trouble if you dispose of their property.

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Ignore the first answer and take the advice in the second (unless you want to get dragged into small claims court and have to pay the other party the value of their stuff which you either tossed or appropriated ).

law vary from one state to another. Find out what the law says in your state. Thats the standard to which you will be held Telling a judge that someone on the internet told you you could dump out his stuff is not going to cut it

At the very least you are required to give him formal notice in writing (with delivery proof) and the opportunity to get his stuff.

There might be the possibility to hold his property as collateral for unpaid rent. But find out the legal specifics for your state if you want to avoid paying a legal judgement against you.

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