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How can you download videos from this website?

Asked by elhaha1001 (383points) January 9th, 2013

So I want to download this video from this link

I have no idea how to download the video. Usually I download the videos using downloadhelper which is a firefox extension. However the extension does not recognize the video link so I’m out of idea :(

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You might want to try something like camstudio to simply record what you see and hear on your screen. It needs to record while you watch it but it should work.

If you are using OS X you can do the same with the built in Quicktime player.

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It’s Flash. You could rip it from the source code if you know how to cache its stream. Anything you see on your computer has to download to your computer to be visible, but things like Flash are streamed, so you don’t automagically end up with a copy in cache. For most Flash, this Firefox Ad-On works. Since you’re using FF, it’s worth a try.

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@johnpowell – I didn’t know you could record the screen in Quicktime. Which version does that and how?

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realplayer… download that and you can download any video from any site. Youtube etc.

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@ETpro I tried the add-on you suggested, there was a list but the files are in kilobytes.. I mean if it is a video, it should be at least in megabytes right?

so the video file is still not detected in the website?

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by the way, when you install realplayer, it also automatically installs the add-ons for firefox so that when you go on a website, a little bar appears above the video your watching saying download video, click that, and it installs the video to your hardrive.

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