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Silly question: what is the point of alphabet soup?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21271points) January 9th, 2013

Does alphabet pasta serve any purpose?

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A gimmick to interest kids in an otherwise boring food product.

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People must like it as a novelty. It’s been around for a very long time. It was a favorite of mine when I was little. It’s still my soup of choice when I’m sick.

I can easily imagine some parents coaxing kids to eat using the appeal of the letters—or coaching them on their letters using the appeal of the soup.

I’ve also seen the pasta letters themselves used in kids’ school projects, even though they aren’t made for that purpose.

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Well, it’s food, the noodles are letters and some numbers, plus it tastes mighty fine. I love alphabet soup lol. Probably won’t teach kids how to spell, but it fills you up. Especially if you break and sprinkle crackers in it.
Sometimes some of the noodles are broken, and are just little bits, so you can imagine those to be apostrophes and periods. XD

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My mum served up this crap for me one time, so I expressed my displeasure by arranging the letters thus, “Thi tate like hit”…cheap bastards didn’t even put any s’ss in there!!

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@ucme You should have just wrote; this sucks…dammit, you really do need the S in there. but mine has S’s

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@Symbeline Never had this issue with alphabetti spaghetti, now there’s a classy dish.

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Does that exist? Really?

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Absolutely it does, feast your eyes on this baby.
Education can be such fun XD

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Whoa neat lol. I want some lol. Even better than Sailormoon pasta.

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Stewie Griffin – “The point. To see if random words would form after your anus spews it out. Check the bowl, people. Check it.”

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I do not think the soup has any points. But you can interpret the peas as points if you so desire.

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It’s soup and it’s the alphabet. Perfection. If only everything in life could be alphabet soupish.

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Simply a marketing tactic to entice kids to eat the Campbell’s brand soup, and in my opinion, a very smart one. No different from all the gimmicks cereal brands use.

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Hey, I’ve got a 4 year old that prefers food with letters.

Alpha-Bits cereal, ABC and 123 Spaghetti-Os, Scrabble Cheez-Its… and yes, he spells out words while he eats. I can’t argue with educational food.

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Are you kidding? The stuff is amazing. I love the delicate taste of the letter “I” compared to the unsavory “J”. How wounderful it is to come across a great “F” as I eat.
If only they had Number Soup. Then and only then can we excel at math.


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All of these foods – Alphabet Soup, Alpha-Bits Cereal – are simply a way of reminding us of the absolute randomness of life. It humanizes us, and it goes to show just how little control any of us has.

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that your alphabet soup tonight spelled out “FUCK YOU” – no human involvement, just the random arrangement of letters in a chaotic bowl of soup.

Or imagine you were pouring your cereal and the letters just sort of fell in the pattern “GOOD DAY” – would that be a positive or a negative?

I think that we should look at linguisti-foods as a way of embracing the chaos in our lives.

(side question: If I emptied a million boxes of Alphabits into a million bowls of milk, would I eventually get them to spell the text of the bible?)

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It helps you play with your food.

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So that kids can spell naughty words in a spoon.

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I really don’t know. The taste is revolting.

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If a million kids eat a million bowls of alphabet soup, one of them will end up writing Shakespeare’s Hamlet all over again.


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They could be onto a winner if the makers say that the letters are packed with the relevant vitamins . . . B, C, D, etcera and od the s’s to appease ucme!

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