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Recovery after having cast removed for broken ankle?

Asked by Crumpet (1785points) January 10th, 2013

Hi everyone,
I broke my ankle 8 weeks ago, and have been in a series of casts since the accident happened.
For the first 3 weeks I was in a heavy duty plaster cast that came upto my knee. The remaining 5 weeks were spent in a more light weight colored fiberglass cast.
The cast was removed today, but the fracture clinic was so busy today I basically just got shoved out after it was removed.
All i was told was to start walking again, and use my crutches if i still need them.

The problem is my ankle still quite sore, it feels really stiff and i can’t move it. It’s not sore to try and move it, just when i try it just won’t move.
There is no way i can put weight on it without a lot of discomfort, and i really can’t see myself walking on it.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?
Are there any excersises i should be doing before i try to walk?
I’ve not been referred for psysio or anything, and I’m a bit concerned.

Any advice, or shared experiences would be appreciated.


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I broke my leg right above the ankle years ago. What helped me was I was given a walking cast so I could put weight on it while still supported. If your doctor won’t give you that, get a walking brace so you can start walking. You have to use the muscles and all of the interconnected bones and ligaments.

And complain to your doctor that you need a physical therapist and follow up treatment.

Also, if you have a bicycle, ride a bike seated (no standing on pedals) everyday to get your muscles working and flexible. You can do it on an exercise bike too, but a real bike is better.

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Call your doctor and discuss it. Tell him that you did not get the after care instructions that you needed.

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I’d try to get back into see a doctor too. But I’d also start by using crutches and putting small amounts of pressure back on the ankle and build from there.

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Although it was years ago, I broke my ankle while skiing. It was a classic and simple fracture and well before the days of PT. I used it carefully and simply walked through the ache,

Several days after the eight-week cast came off (by then a walking cast), I had a job interview (I was two months away from graduating from college.) So, being young and stupid, I put on a pretty suit and high-heels and hobbled through the interview. Luckily they wanted my intellectual experience and I got the job.

It took only several weeks to return to normal.

But that was me. I was able to move through what was only modest discomfort.

I would call the clinic and demand some help. You may need tailor-made exercises; the guys at PT may also be able to loosen things up with a warm whirlpool bath, ultra-sound or passive massage.

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Your orthopaedist should have provided some after-care instructions and, if needed, recommended a physical therapist. It sounds as if you were treated rather shabbily. Although people get distracted when they’re busy, that’s no excuse for bad medical care.

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After I broke my ankle and had a plate put in it I saw a physiotherapist for about 6 weeks, she had me doing some quite painful things but I’m sure my recovery would have been a lot slower without her.

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I too have had a very bad break of my ankle ‘seven weeks in plaster and all of them non weight bearing ones, my plaster was removed last Tuesday, I have no crutches or walking aids ! I purchased a wheelchair at the beginning as my back was too painful to use crutches,Luckily My husband pushed me out of the plaster clinic, as I was in so much pain I couldn’t stand, told to make an appointment with physio and that was it! This Friday will be my first physio, The following day after a night of hellish pain we returned to hospital to tell them it was too much to bear. The doctor had said on the notes may need an open pot meaning a brace with Velcro, why the heck they didn’t give me one on the day I cannot understand ? It helped a little . I still cannot walk without dreadful pain on the inside and under my foot ,opposite side to the break, rotten care from my hospital, Anyone have any ideas what I’m to expect in the way of when will I be free of pain and can walk again. I am 64 yrs old and going stir crazy. Help please!

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