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How are you?

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It’s a big symbolic step, for sure. I think it will also lead to many more people leaving the Episcopal fold, which has been going on for years.

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@filmfann The question is what are your thoughts on the national cathedral performing same sex weddings now?

Surprised? Hopeful? Excited? Unaffected? Against it?

I’m not sure what was confusing about what I was looking for.

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There is no question here. Not everyone reads the rest. Tip.

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@zensky Not everyone reads the details? Well, that explains a lot of answers I’ve gotten in the past…

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Seriously – I have asked about 1500 questions – many times the posts are based only on the actual title. Look at my most recent one about bios. The first answer only answers the question and ignores five other questions.

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In the question guidelines: Titles should be clear, concise, and in question form.- Your question title is a statement. That’s why people are nitpicking. The question would be sent to editing once a mod sees it. I’m sure once a mod sees this they will let you ask again so you can get some real answers. :)

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I have no problem with it. They are only doing it for their members.

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I think it’s great! It’s all about the LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS for everyone.

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Yeah I heard about this on NPR last night. The dude goes “One thing that made me support gay marriage was getting to know some LGBT people”....I laughed out loud and heard that essentially as “Before, I assumed all gays were horrible monsters, now I realize they’re actually just people too. holy shit!”

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@deni True, my husband was the same way and now is slowly but surely coming around.

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A sign of a good church.

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They should so I’m glad they’re doing it.

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Of course they are doing it. They just got married.

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@filmfann Will you marry me?

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@zensky My wife would object

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@filmfann & @zensky: There goes that slippery slope!!!!!

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Mormon much?

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Wow, talk about getting a room ;)

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If I thought religion was a good thing, I’d be overjoyed. But I’m glad to hear the news.

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