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When would you write your biography?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 10th, 2013

Could you already fill a tome with your history and experiences? Is your story epic?

Do you think it might be of interest to anyone other than family and friends?

How would you write it – in increments – or take a year off and go to a deserted island (if you could)?

Would you want a ghost?

How do you feel about dictation – or are you a nuts and bolts elbow grease Hemingway type of writer?

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I feel like I’ve already lived enough interesting experiences to write a book…I’ve survived and accomplished much, and had many intriguing encounters. But in a sense, my real life has also just begun, so maybe I should wait for a few decades. I would definitely write it myself.

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I’m writing it here. Someday, after I die, they’re going to Google search my screen-name and learn everything I ever thought about all of them. And I will be hated immensely in the afterlife.

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I am actually working on mine at the moment. I don’t think it would be of any interest to anyone really, at least not on mass. You could probably find some odd ball out there who would get a kick out of reading it, but you can find someone to read almost anything.

I have started mine with my birth, and I am drifting between a kind of diary entry format, and a traditional snail mail pen pal story telling format. I am not a very skilled writer, but I do feel it is a truthful representation so far. I have also tried to keep it honest, a mix between my side of the coin, and how others see me.

would You be interested in reading it? well, maybe, if you were interested in a non ghost autobiography, that touches on topics such as childhood memories, how at 5 we are basically the same person we are at 20 except with a larger vocabulary, and how childhood frustration comes from having complex ideas with a simple vocabulary, atheism at an early age in a catholic school, seeing loopholes in rules, getting in to trouble, getting your first girl, going to work, some philosophy, and a few moments of clarity. (so far)

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I would not write an autobiography. If I did anything, I would gather together all my fluther writings and various other writings, and edit them down into something, although I don’t know what. But it would be a waste of time. No one would be interested. It would be boring. Not even Hemingway could make my life interesting. Of course, he wouldn’t be interested in it. I never fought in a war or fought my way through dark jungles in search of some rare animal I wanted to kill.

If I did do the editing, I don’t think I would want to isolate myself to do it. I’d die. I’m not the solitary type. Probably why I’m not a writer. I can’t stand working on my own. If I were to write, it would have to be with someone else, and we’d have to find a way to work together and keep each other motivate and have fun.

I would not want a ghost writer because those guys suck. They would take a boring story and make it interminable. With purple prose, too. And hangovers. I never had a hangover in my life, but a ghost writer would have to add in hangovers because that’s what they do. That’s how they can relate. Probably they’d even add in their own history if I didn’t keep a sharp eye on them.

Dictation is obviously irrelevant, since there is nothing to write, but I have a hard time imagining being able to do it. It wouldn’t make things go any faster. I type pretty fast and I never edit, anyway.

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I feel that I have lived through some interesting times.

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I suspect I’ll never write a full-fledged autobiography. I can’t imagine anyone being interested in my life story except perhaps in the miniscule bursts which appear, and will continue to appear, in most fictional things I write.

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Never. I wouldn’t presume that anyone would want to read my story.

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I’ve had one since I was about 25, a constant work in progress. I think it’s very interesting.

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I, too, have a work in progress, over the past 30 years or so.

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I think 80 is a good age to do so.

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After I manage to do something spectacular enough that I think my autobiography might actually get read. Even then, it will need to be mostly fiction because it’s been like a soldier’s life; “long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.”

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Never because that would be an “autobiography”.

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Nice name by the way. :)

My life is like a thousand others. A million. Not worth telling.

Little ripples, in a big pond. There’s no biography or even an autobiography here.

I suspect that’s true for most. Most of us are not great or “worthy” of being written about but we touch others lives more than we ever will know. That makes us human and for me, it’s what keeps me going when I don’t want to anymore.

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@Michael_Huntington Had I written simply biography – you would’ve been correct. However, one can write ones own biography. You might want to look things up first.

I did

@kitszu Nice name?

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@ETpro I like that answer, lol. It’s sick but true. I know there are people who think we should all aspire to greatness but I like my little life. I Am content, finally, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. :)

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I have started already as I have kept a diary for years.
I don’t think it would be of any interest to anyone.

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I’ve considered writing the story of my transition – when it’s complete. But so many other trans people have done the same and they all tend to be pretty much the same as each other, so it probably wouldn’t sell.

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I’ve thought about fictionalizing portions of my life as my first 20 years was….tumultuous to say the least. My life has been the difference between having no support and and having wonderful support.

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When I tell stories about my life, people say I should write a book. I feel like people say that a lot, to just about anyone. I honestly have no idea if anyone (even friends and family) would be interested in reading about my life. I think one can write an autobiography at any point. If I wanted to write one now, which I don’t have time or much desire to do, it’d be a regular sized book.

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I can’t see how anyone would be interested. I don’t think I am that remarkable. I have done some different things but nothing that strikes me as worthy of writing a book about. I would rather write a novel.

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Au contraire, @Bellatrix and @Simone_De_Beauvoir and anyone else who said their lives weren’t interesting enough. It’s not the life that is interesting, but how you write about it. If you were to write well, it would be a great book.

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@wundayatta I guess I have no idea if I could write it well enough.

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@kitszu Ha! I think you’re GREAT for feeling that way. So there! What do you think of them apples?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Well, I, for one, think you would write well enough.

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@zensky I like your name, that’s all I meant.

It sounds peacful. Do you practice?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Funny answer, lol, nicely done. :)

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I don’t think I would have the time to write one. Besides, my life wouldn’t be of any interest to people outside my very small immediate circle – and they already know me quite intimately.

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