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What if Fluther had a news section, would that be a good thing?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) January 10th, 2013

I just noticed a question in the social section that was structured like a statement, and I thought, what if you had a section for that.

What do you think of the idea, of having a headline, sources in the details, and discussion in the comments?

I’m not asking as if I have the power to grant it or anything, but you never know who could be watching, and I think it would be cool. and maybe it would cure my OCD about the gap after meta.

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I would LOVE it, but a lot of people hate the news and current events, it’s too much work on their tiny little brains.

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I don’t think so. If people want to start a discussion about a headline they can ask it in the form of a question which allows them to put their particular spin on it.

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You mean make it official that questions don’t have to be questions?

How hard is it to say, “What do you think of this: [headline here]?”

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People already bring up the current events they want to talk about. For Fluther to do it would require full time editors to choose the stories, have a balance of left vs right, have a focus on which countries to follow. Someone would always be complaining of the mix. @poisonedantidote would want stories focused on Britain and Spain…..

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Nah, I think the current setup is fine. Before I read your details I thought you were asking about a Fluther news section, which would be nice. Things like name changes, notable members who left or passed away, when people reached the x0,000 lurve milestones, stuff like that. Would cut down on confusion and on the “what’s been happening while I’ve been away” questions.

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I did exactly what @marinelife suggested with the headline yesterday about the flu epidemic. Once again, I agree with @marinelife. :)

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Seems easy enough to just add the headline and say Whadda ya think. Actually I did that once and the mods made me fix the grammar.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are worth 1 billion dollars – 250 Mil. more than the next most expensive NHL team – the NYR – thought they haven’t won a cup since 67.

What do you think

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I’ll host Colomas’ comedy hour section.
Improv skills mandatory for participation.
Must be 50% inebriated to participate.

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I find myself very fed up with questions that are written as statements, though I’m thinking more of the “Boyfriend won’t talk to me.” kind of ones that are really so easy to make a question. I think it’s a shame how many of these remain, but at the same time I don’t like to make a nuisance of myself by flagging each one – there’s more important things for the mods to be concerned with. I do think they lower the overall standard of the site though. I appreciate that we’re all clever enough to read the details or read around the statement to know what the question is, I just find it lazy. I’m always tempted to respond to the statement only, but that would just come across as snidey, and that’s not really my style.

Moan over!

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Oops…missed the plural that changes everything. “News” section not “NEW” section. Never mind…said in Roseanne Roseanna Danna voice, Coloma you ignorant slut!

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@Coloma I did too! Still, feel better after my moan anyway!

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If I wanted to see the news I’d go to I like Fluther because it is more creative and gets my mind working in a more positive way than the news does. All the news reports is mostly negative things happening in a world run by ridiculous religion and people who have no regard for others. It sucks.

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@deni Stay away from the news, yep…no news over here for a decade now.

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@Coloma Last time I watched the news was three years ago, a black guy heard his white neighbor calling his dogs the n-word (why, i don’t know) and went over and stabbed him to death with a knife that he pulled out of his cane….

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If you want that, get a blog. XD

Being that this is a Q&A site, I’m glad we actually have restrictions on how and where to ask questions. If anything I’d add an extra section for ’‘game questions’’, but even that would be pushing it.

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@coloma only if you supply the brownies!

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It’s not necessary, because all you have to do (ETpro is a pro at these kinds of Q’s) is to ask about the subject and then give a link to the news item. Then the discussion ensues.

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I’d be more interested in a Fluther news section rather than a Fluther news section.

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