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Are you over fifty with absolutely no health problems?

Asked by Aster (18382points) January 10th, 2013

I may be falling apart. I have never had any health problems, never get colds or flu. Now I feel a little tired most days, my ears have a hissing sound round the clock and my right knee has something out of place; it makes a popping sound that hurts so I feel unstable on grass. This started this month! It was not like this in December! Someone said I should expect problems by now; I disagree as I am a total vitamin freak. Am I normal?

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Nope, but my health issues are all weight related. I f I meet the goal I set last year. I’ll be as healthy as any other 57 year old, excpet for one issue with my right knee.

I broke my leg when I was 22, and my right sole does not meet the ground flat. When I ski I need a cant. I really ought to have an orthotic, but I have been walking this way for over 30 years. It sometimes bother my knee if I run.

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Minor things, a couple of tweaky fingers, tendonitis, an old shoulder and ankle injury that flare up now and then, and my usual sinus/allergy issues, but nothing major, yet.
I have had a painful and bothersome flare up of this “trigger finger” condition in my left thumb the last few months. My hands have taken a beating over the years with all my yardwork and other chores. I have been wearing a dorky thumb splint to bed the last week and my thumb is feeling better from it!

Everyone is different and there is no “normal.” I think I am right in the middle, I am not in as good of shape as I could be, but also not teetering on the edge of any major disability.
No point in comparing yourself to anyone else, it is what it is. :-)

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You know how a car starts needing work after around 50,000 miles, and always after the warranty runs out? Think of me as a ‘69 Ford.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room LOL
I have been up for about an hour, the biggest thing I notice is it takes me about 3 hours to get out of park these days. This engine needs a long warm up. haha

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@Coloma, agree, especially on cold and rainy days.

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@Coloma Me too!. The wife can’t understand it, she’s always been one of those “hit the floor running” in the morning types. Not me! I like at least a couple hours to get going.

My overall health at 64 is excellent. Gardening, one of my favorite past-times, can be a challenge for the knees, but the knees don’t prevent it.

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Vitamins aren’t going to protect you from every health problem. You’re probably normal.

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I’m not over 50, but 5 months from being 50. I don’t have any health problems other than migraines, but I’ve had them my whole life. I consider it a combination of being a lifelong fitness participant, having good genes and just being lucky. I’m well aware that an accident, even one which would be minor at a younger age, could change that at any time.

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@Yetanotheruser Knees are fine, just my hands falling apart. I have 5 acres of micro-farm over here, the endless chore bucket that is never half empty. I laugh now when I am unloading 50# sacks of grain.
I USED to be able to just sling those puppies over my shoulder and pour them into their containers, now I have to drag them into a wheelbarrow and scoop out the first 25 pounds with a can. haha

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Aside from some knee and foot problems that flare up occasionally and that I’ve had for thirty years, I’m probably in the best physical shape I’ve been in for many years. Walking and keeping my weight down are contributing to that. I would like to sleep better but that’s always been problematic.

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Wear and tear and poor maintenance affects us all. Take the best care of yourself that your finances will allow. Adjust your activities to watch your body’s condition and above all, exercise your brain and keep your life sufficiently stimulating and interesting.

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Eh. My knees sometimes complain on the steps. When I exercise, my ligaments and tendons require a lot more time to warm up, and if I forget, they give me pain. I can’t run very far these days. I get out of breath very quickly. But I’m still pretty good with a pool cue.

I don’t have diabetes. My blood pressure is moderately high and I take meds for that. Same for cholesterol. I could lose a few pounds. But I think I’m in pretty good shape for my age. I no longer expect everything to run cleanly these days. I’m used to having to slow down. And I see the doctor far more than I ever want to.

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Normal wear and tear type stuff except for Gout and that is controllable for the most part. Knees have beginning arthritis and occasional bursitis. Rt foot feels like the arch is not in the right place but generally I’m in good shape physically (have begun to notice some mental lapses). De-generation has been a gradual process. I did not wake up one day and have the knees giving me grief. Doc says probably agravated by the gout.

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Yes. I had a rotten prostate 3–4 years ago but that was removed and, fortunately, all the crud was contained in the prostate. I am in great health now.
I’m not overweight. I take no meds. None. Zero. I don’t even take vitamins. I eat right and just what I need.
I am also fairly active so I get plenty of exercise without going to a gym.
The only concession for age are a couple of is cheap +1.00 reading glasses.
I am a lucky guy.

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Well over 50 and still going strong. I’ve dodged all the bullets so far.

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56 and still feeling like a kid.

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I’m 70 and I have been on Thyroid medication for many, many years. Over time the doctor has added meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I don’t get the exercise I should, so I can’t complain.

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By the Grace of God, the only meds I’ve ever taken in my life were inhalers for allergies. I don’t take anything now. Nothing. I could never stomach vitamins either. I really thank God and good genes from my father. I’m 51.

Why should you expect problems?

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68 here and no problems (knock on wood!). Touchy belly that I have had since I was about 12 so I have simply learned to live with that.

I was recently at the docs for blood work. First time with new doc. He kept asking what meds I was on, I had to tell him 3 times NONE. Apparently it is unusual for someone of my age to not be taking some sort on a daily basis.

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My dad is 93 and doesn’t take any medication except for a pill he started taking about three years ago to increase his appetite after a bought of acute double pneumonia.

I have a friend who is 100.5 and he has never taken any prescription meds. He has taken Dr. Whittaker’s health supplements and vitamins for about 20 years.

We aren’t the norm, @rooeytoo.

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Oh I got problems, all right. They’ve been slowly increasing in number and intensity. Going insane was quite a trip. But right now they all seem to be in descent. I’m sane again. Have been for a while (although I don’t suppose everyone will agree). And since I’ve lost a few pounds, it seems to be helping with my blood pressure, cholesterol, structural aches and pains (ankles, knees, etc), shoulder, and various and sundry other issues. Maybe even my stomach acid will go down.

Growing older is not for the faint of heart, but it is certainly better than the alternative.

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A few aches and pains but otherwise healthy at 52. Hubby is 62 and very healthy.

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