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When using a caret symbol (^) to point upwards to an answer, does the number of times that you type the caret mean anything?

Asked by glacial (12115points) January 10th, 2013

If I see someone refer to an earlier post with ”^^^”, I look for the third answer up… and often find that is not the response that the person was referring to. Do different people use the caret differently?

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We discussed this once and came to the conclusion that it isn’t necessary – you can just @ the person.

So ^ is the jelly above me. @ for anyone else.

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I have taken the number of carets to be entirely random and that whatever the number, it always refers to the poster directly above. (Unless we are talking about Bugs Bunny in which case the number is relevant.

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Not to me.

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I’m guilty of using two to point to the person directly above me. I had no idea there was a rule for the use of the caret symbol here.

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^^and that answer was not meant to be snarky if it came across that way :)

I would like to add that the only time I use the caret symbol is when I’m whispering to the person above me. I add two because just one is hard to see in a whisper comment. (at least it is for me)

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Of course, one could argue that’s it’s improper, impolite even.
One can’t be arsed to address one by one’s name.

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^^Posh tw@

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^^^^ (@jonsblond) I guess there isn’t actually a rule. So far there seems to be a consensus that it always means the last post, regardless of the number of carets. Unless that is a rule in itself – oooooh.

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On other websites I’ve frequented, which didn’t have a good way to respond to a particular post/poster, we would use the proper number of carets to point at an above post. So I also had a bit of confusion when I saw it used here. I guess because we have the @ feature, people only use carets to point to the post directly above.

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I’m not sure why, but I typically use two. It doesn’t matter how many I use, I’m just referring to the post directly above mine.

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I prefer the ↑ to the ^, since I don’t want anyone thinking that my response should be raised to a power, and “number of repetitions” doesn’t mean much of anything.

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If no one else will tell you, then I will. I’m not afraid of the boogie mods.

So you see if it’s one ^, then it means the jelly above you. But if it’s two…...


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I use 2 ^^‘s to refer to the person directly above me, for the simple reason that I can barely see it (or notice someone else’s carrots) if there is only one. 3 is simply being more forceful, but I still think it always refers to the person directly above your own post.

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Do we have a list of all these conventions somewhere? Knock once for ‘you up there’, twice for ‘if this concerns you’, three times for ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’.. 4 for ‘Could you repeat the question?’ 4.5 for ‘I forgot the question’.

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@wundayatta and the Boogie Mods obviously live here in Boogie Wonderland. Ha Ha Dance….

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I agree with ^^^^ and I also {Redacted

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I generally agree with ↑, but I would hate for that knowledge to go to that person’s head.

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Boogie mods are the coolest ever!

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Late to this conversation, but I pretty much always use two just because one is hard to notice all on its own. I never knew I was confusing anyone. Sorry!

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@augustlan That’s ok. Soon, I will introduce my master plan to have everyone interpret it in the way that only I do… then we’ll all be on the same page. :)

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Same as @augustlan . If I do it at all, it’s usually two.

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