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How old were you when you discovered Playboy and what did you use it for at what age?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) January 10th, 2013

I suspect this is different for boys and girls, but I could be wrong. I think that it is different at various ages. Like when you get old, you just read the articles, but at earlier ages, you might be more interested in the pictures, and maybe at one age you just looked at the pictures, but at another age maybe you did something else in response to what you saw.

And if you are way too advanced for Playboy, what magazine was it… or for that matter, what website and at what age and what did you do when?

Results will be reported to the nearest clinical study, so keep it dry.

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I was probably 12 or 13, give or take. I only read the articles. ;-)

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I believe I was between 8 and 10 years old. The woods behind my neighborhood was where I spent my childhood, building forts and getting in fights. Occasionally we would stumble on a torn up magazine. It was like striking gold. No words or articles were read. Sometimes all that was left would be a torn piece of cover and a single breast.

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I was a sheltered only child, female, and probably didn’t see a Playboy mag. til I was in my early teens. Of course being a female heterosexual it didn’t do much for me. My “exposure” was more along the lines of being flashed by exhibitionists like crazy.
The good old days in the 60’s and 70’s when real perverts still wore trench coats and flashed you in the park when you were walking home from school.

Now they just post penis pics on Craigslist. lol

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I don’t remember at what adolescent age I “discovered” Playboy, but just like most adolescent young men, I used it to make paper airplanes with.

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I looked for articles and short stories by favourite authors and soon discovered that they appeared in this magazine that also had naked women.

Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer, for one.

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12 or 13 and I just read the articles. (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it)

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It was a non-event for me so I didn’t use it for anything. I don’t even recall my age when I first saw one.

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I never had playboys.
I started with full on porn.

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10 or 11. My father traveled a lot on business, and used to read them on the plane, and bring them home afterwards. Then I found a friend whose Dad subscribed! He had a whole stash!.

Used to look through them to see boobs! and then to read the jokes and cartoons.

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I had an uncle who used to collect them and when he and my aunt moved out of my grandparents’ house in the mid 1970’s, and I moved into my grandparents’ house, I found these stacks of Playboys in my grandparents’ attic. This was around 1976 or so. Being a female heterosexual, they did not do much for me but I liked the “Forum” jokes and stories, and the advice columns. When I remember those magazines now, in their perfect condition, all I can think of is what they would be worth to some vintage magazine collector! The photos were tame to what is in porn now.

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I inherited a box full of mid-90s – early-00s Playboys from the former tenant of my apartment. I had seen them before but never really read them.

Lucy Lawless is a sexy, sexy woman.

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Pics or it never happened.

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Around the age of 9, took me a whole year to figure out it was not actually any good. It was basically biological field notes to start with, then I figured out what it was for.

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When indeed? Well I do remember I had a summer job once on a farm. I was probably 16. I found a copy of a Playboy in a hay loft and, well, no one else was around, so between the hanky and the panky, the subject was illuminated.

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Sometime during my teenage years. I quickly learned that I’m not a lesbian. The pictures had no appeal whatsoever.

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My cousin and I used to read the dirty jokes when we were about 11.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Baahahaha I totally remember that issue. One of the pics of her in it had her with a little Xena doll on her shoulder. I also remember an issue that had an interview with Mike Judge, about Beavis & Butthead.

My dad had a whole bunch of Playboy’s and I checked em out every now and then. I liked all the little comics that were strewn here and there in the magazines. Some were pretty funny. One of em was this naked couple in bed, and the guy says; Julie, I love you man!
Forget it Rick. You’re not fucking me up the ass.

What I thought was funny about that particular one wasn’t the joke itself, but the guy saying ’‘man’’ to his girlfriend. XD Especially in a declaration of love. XD

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I was about 11–12 I think. My dad used to ‘find’ them on the train and I ‘found’ them in his room while looking for my Christmas presents. He also used to ‘find’ Fiesta magazine which I used to read.

I think I asked him about one of them years later and he said “oh I found that on the train”. Sure dad!

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I saw some issues in various places when I came to the USA when I was young. I am a girl, so I did not buy any. I do not like the Lunatic Left “gou pi” in them, and the photos are tame compared to those in “Penthouse”, “Hustler”, etc.

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Gou pi, my new go-to phrase, thanks @BiZhen I have learned something new today

p.s. For tomorrows lesson, how do you say “bullshit” in Mandarin?

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