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If you were going to be killed in combat by any Mortal Kombat character, which one would you choose to kill you?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 10th, 2013

And why?

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I’m a huge fan of Kitana, i’d be more than happy to suffocate betwixed those titties…what a way to go!

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Liu Kang.

Animality – Getting eaten by a dragon is totally the way to go.

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I watched it played once – which is the one that says: GET OVER HERE! I liked that one.

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Scorpion. He’s awesome.

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Such a geek. Lurve ya.

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Lurve ya back.

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Before playing Mortal Kombat, I’d kill myself first. ;-)

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Man, now I want to see the first movie adaptation right now-! It wasn’t so bad I think. And that pumping music is da bomb….tanan tanan tan an tan an ran tan tan…MORTAAAL KOOMBAAAT!....

My answer…GORO!

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Oh man, Mortal Kombat is awesome. I read a novel (not the one based on the movie) where they divulge Scorpion’s name; Yong Park. In the book, Sub Zero came and slaughtered him and his family. He mutilated Scorpion and threw his remains in the river, and they described how he was pretty much nothing but entrails floating away. But since Scorpion is so badass, and I guess is good at being undead, that even while being a pile of guts, he swore revenge and came back. That’s why the movie pissed me off. Scorpion and Sub Zero are after each other’s throats in the games, but in the movie they were just Shang Tsung’s mindless slaves. fuck that

But that was like for the first games, last one I played was MK Deception and everything’s all different and weird. I spent more time in Konquest Mode than playing the actual game. XD

My favorites are Scorpion, Baraka and Cindel, and everyone has cool fatalities but…what really amazed me the first time I played those was The Pit fatality from the first game. Now all the games have several stage fatalities, some way more impressive than this one, but I’d want to be knocked in the pit for the sake of cheesy/classic.
And if I have to chose a fatality, again I’m going with a classic Scorpion fatality. take that, Sub Zero.

Also, according to the book I read, Baraka smells like spoiled milk.

I apologize for using your question as an excuse to generally start talking about the franchise, but I’m a long time fan and I never thought this would happen on Fluther. XD


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I’m a BVG girl, before video games, just having to try and play that game would give me a aneurism in about 20 minutes.

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@Symbeline That’s fine that you have used my question “as an excuse to generally start talking about franchises.” Almost all questions I ask, is not so much for information as it is to have and/or start discussions.

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