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If you look directly to your left/right from where you are now, what do you see?

Asked by ucme (45342points) January 10th, 2013

Yeah I know, scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but hey…it might still work.
I see trees of green, red roses too…actually no, it’s night time.

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Mature old white pines, old field, snow drifts, blue sky sun with cumulus clouds, icicles under my deck that are dripping and two chickadees. Not a sound of any kind.

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@gailcalled I always feel slightly envious of the view from your pad, lovely place.

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My window’s to the left…I see a snowy parking lot. Yeah, I didn’t get the best view.

To my right I see my unreasonably large jewelry collection hanging on 3M hooks on the wall.

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Blank wall on left, bulletin board covered with crap on my right. I’m in my office. Of course, I rarely look left and right when I’m at work. Too busy always having to look over my shoulder. ;-)

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To my left is a large sycamore with a horse swing, an outbuilding with a combine inside, a snowy field, a highway beyond the field and then more fields. To my right is a wall.

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@Ucme: Simllar to this, this,
and this

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A piece of furniture, with 2 Rubick’s cubes, a Spanish dictionary, and a collection of old coins.

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To my right is a white wall and to my left is the piano over a ways.

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@gailcalled Yeah, those work for me, stunning.

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Pale green cubicles on both sides, it’s horrible. :)

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@KNOWITALL You loitering in the mens room again dear? ;¬}

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Left: Orange wall and a poster
Right: Guitar, books, clothes on a chair, a window, a painting, a poster

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Wood. I’m inside a barrel right now. Heh. Ok, so on my right, just check out my avatar and you’ll see. On my left, pillows on the bed mashed together like some sort of abstract art. : )

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What fun question!
Left: A wood paneled wall
Right: A young couple sitting at a table, eating lunch. She is wearing jeggings. I think I’ll check again to make sure… Yep, skin tight. Let me triple check… Still skin tight.

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@LuckyGuy Just noticed both our posts have the word WOOD in it. Down boy… : )

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Left: Office bookcase and filing cabinets
Right: Beautiful art on my office wall and sunshine streaming through a window.

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@Mariah Sorry. Was too lazy to post a question the other day. Give us something to smile about and show us some of those artistic self-made jewelry please-! : )

To the OP….ok I just noticed that I also have a Lego instruction book and a half-assembled Lego version of a TIE fighter from Star Wars on top of my desk on the right…

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Kitchen to the left, chair with sleeping kitty to the right.

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To my left, I see another desk with a computer on it and further left is my friend and colleague here at school – he’s working on a news article about Stop and Frisk policies. Directly to my right is a copy machine and a free floating chair.

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Well, it’s pretty clear no one’s having sex right this minute. Except maybe @ucme. : )

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They both are getting up to leave . Oh man! She’s wear boots with just the right amount of heel.
It’s just not fair. How do males concentrate these days? It’s just not fair.

@maingerz88 “wood”, “getting up”. Pretty exciting – in my mind.

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@ucme I’m sure it’s about as exciting- lol

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I see my “clean” desk and my bed(to the left) and to the right I see white curtains with flowers on it.

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Hey thanks to all you jolly souls who chose to reveal, i’m trying to picture everyone looking left & right & it kinda makes me smile.
Actually, secondary question, how many needed to look, especially those at home?

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@LuckyGuy The TV network apologized to Ms. Alabama USA after that Alabama-Notre Dame sportscaster gushed and salivated over her on live TV. They should not have! Lol. Btw, for more loss of concentration and guaranteed “no work will be done” sessions, bring your laptop at a busy Starbucks and you will see what I mean. : )

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That’ll be no bugger then!!
I should answer this myself, would be rude not to.
There are clowns to the left of me, jokers to the righ…just kidding, or am I?
To my left sits my dawg Penny & on my right there’s a window, blinds drawn because it’s dark out.

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To my left I see my new betta, Falcor.

To my right I see my living room/hallway (I live in a railroad apartment) and kitchen, so lots of stuff. The two biggest items are the loom and the kayak. Oh yeah, and Brother Leroy, my geek.

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Left – bookshelves with my lit class (don’t say that fast!) books on it. Right – bulletin board with a favorite poem, pictures of my Dad and I, a few paintings and cartoons on it, etc.

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To the left a tall bronze floor vase of gold flowers and grasses, my temple gong, another plant in the corner and the edge of my side living room window with a wrought iron and gold, red, and brown shinto screen.
To my right, naked head hunter man carving pointing his spear at me, naked with a freshly oiled penis which is about 20 inches from my face. lol
Then, a panel painting, and my fireplace in front of a black wooden chinese screen with a black bamboo lamp next to it.

Directly in front of me is my living room window and I am typing on my laptop at a black library table under the window in my funky, faux, root beer colored alligator chair.

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Left: armchair and clothes lying over it. Right: wall.= gripping stuff uh?

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Door to my office. There is a hook on the door with my jacket hanging on it. There’s also a horrible jello green visitor’s chair, that was probably already a grandparent back in the seventies.

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The gathering storm out my window, to my left, and to my right a cool mid-century era clock that my friend got for me from a thrift store. It is similar to This One only mine is not painted wood, it has a natural wood finish.

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Right: Battlestar Galactica playing on Hulu.

Left: Window. Outside of which is a parking garage.

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To my right is Selkie the cat, not quite currently stalking my housemate’s lizard in it’s glass container.

To my right, erm, an empty sofa :/

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To the right, pillows and the wall beyond. To the left, the night stand with Victorian-style lamp with beaded shade and my bottle of water. I’m in bed right now.

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Left; Unused TV with Christmas cards on it, book shelf and wall with poster.

Right; The foot of my bed, drawers and my window. Holy shit somebody’s out there, lookin’ at me! :O

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Left: messy black metal and wood bookcase from the sixties. I mean messy. On a blue wall. Sick of the blue walls in this room.
Right: three windows, blinds open on the middle window which looks out over the front yard, then the street then a house set way back off the street. unlike our house which is much nearer the street.

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@Symbeline Maybe it was this chick (I recommend listening to the clip if you have time – she gets caught and it’s pretty funny).

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My sweet Queensland Hound is sitting in the chair directly to the right, as he always does. He follows me everywhere.

On the left, in front of the dining room table is a stack of supplies from Sam’s Club that was brought in three days ago, and no one has bothered to put away.

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To my right is an office telephone and some other organizational workplace apparatus. To my left is a framed vintage travel poster and my Notary Public certificate.

yes, it’s boring here

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To my right I see a wall with a beautiful Norman Lindsay facsimile on it. I like it. To my left, over the pile of books I am supposed to be working with, I see a coffee table with a lamp on it, a rocking chair and in the distance the window to my back garden. The blind is still down though so I can’t tell you what’s happening out there right now.

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I can just barely make out the Chrysler building across the river and begins the Jersey freight yards. I don’t know why it looks so dimly lit. Even so, you can make out the lines of it easily. Its such a beautiful iconic building! It had a slight shimmer to it.

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Sorry, that should read across the Jersey freight yards, not and begins! darn phone, always messing up my typing!

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Staring out my bedroom window, to my right, I see a lush leafy fig tree covered in immature green figs, just behind that is a tall liquid amber tree looking wonderful in its summer green coat, to the left of the trees is a flowering lavender/pink hydrangea, a creamy old-fashioned rose, and in the foreground some bright orange calendulas and some wonderful spring onion plants that went to seed months ago and have a positively alien quality, directly outside the window there is a bird feeding platform, no birds at present because I have neglected to put out any morsels for them today. If I was sitting up a little higher I would see containers of flowering annuals and recently mown lawn.

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@Adagio sounds like heaven!

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@Earthgirl yup, it’s not bad, not bad at all.

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A wall. My comuputer desk is in a corner.

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I enjoyed this thread, worked better than I thought. Includes all my faves too…which is nice.

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Left – my colleauge and her computer, the door, the wall, our wall calender and the side of a desk

Right – The wallk, a desk fanmy other colleauges desk and computer and a peace lily

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This morning to my right is the window and I can see out into my front garden. I can see the tops of the gardenias in the pot under the windows and across the rock wall above which are bird of paradise plants and some lovely yellow flowers. To my right is my ensuite which needs a tidy up – so enough of looking that way.

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The exact same thing I saw the last time I answered. I need to do something more interesting with my office.

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^^^ haha..quick, rearrange the furniture.

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On the left, baby grand piano, and a large cage for the parrot. In one of the windows, on a sill jam-packed with plants, an amaryllis with three stalks just about to open its flowers, another amaryllis is barely putting its bud up out of the bulb. Outside, the usual big buildings, fog over the East River (Brooklyn obscured).

On the right the smaller bird cage, the kitchen (time to make coffee!!) and Christmas lights I need to take down pretty soon…

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On the right, an end table with lamp, vase and other knickknacks with a vintage Cunard travel poster hanging on the wall behind it. On the left, an heirloom bookcase (which once tried to kill me when I was a child by tilting over and unloading all the books on my head when I tried to open the sticky drawer at the bottom) loaded with books and a framed set of silver nitrate photographs on the wall next to it.

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